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Forest Hill High School Envirothon 2002

What we are all about:

group photo
Team Falcon Members (l to r): Alephio Sanchez, Lauren Connell, Drew Piersa, Brady Denger, Erin Rothenburg (Captain), Leslie Rothenburg.

We are six students in the Academy of Environmental Science and Technology at Forest Hill Community High School in West Palm Beach, Florida. Our project began last January of 2001, when we started taking pictures and learning about animals that had been abandoned by their owners. We constructed a brochure containing information on animal abandonment to places in different locations such as sanctuaries and animal shelters in our community. This project started as an entree of the Envirothon competition, won third place for the action project, and has grown tremendously. We are about to enter the Envirothon competition again in March of 2002. We hope this webpage will help you learn more about abandoned animals and encourage you to help promote awareness in your area.

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