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Forest Hill High School Envirothon 2002

Animal Stories:

photo of jasper the bobcat
Jasper the bobcat
[larger image]


Jasper is a bobcat that was owned by a person who thought it would make a good pet. Once realizing that they could not take care of him they brought him to the Busch Wildlife Sanctuary. They were then told that they needed a permit to own a bobcat. Jasper now lives at the sanctuary but can never be released into the wild because humans have imprinted him.

photo of buzz the vulture
Buzz the vulture
[larger image]


This vulture was found as a baby along with his sibling and raised by humans. They were both confiscated because it is illegal to own a bird of prey. Buzz and his sibling both live at Busch Wildlife Sanctuary where they are being properly cared for. He will never be released back into the wild because he too has been imprinted.

photo of juju the sugar glider
Juju the sugar glider
[larger image]


Juju is a sugar glider previously owned by a college student who was not prepared to provide the adequate attention and difficult maintenance she required. She was left at the Bush Wildlife Sanctuary as a baby in a small cage with a note. Due to negligence, Juju was frightened and hostile towards humans, which took many months to reverse. Lauren researched and planned to own a sugar glider before taking responsibility of her and now Juju has a wonderful home. Luckily for Juju, her story has a happy ending. Unfortunately not all stories of abandoned animals end this way.

photo of bobby the iguana
Bobby the iguana
[larger image]


This iguana's name is Bobby. Our fellow Environmental Academy students discovered him on the campus of our high school. No one really knows where he came from but as is the case with many iguanas he probably either escaped or was abandoned. He is now being cared for by a few students who are prepared to handle any of his needs.

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