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Forest Hill High School Envirothon 2002

Educational Programs


Our Envirothon group, Team Falcon, visited Washington Elementary School, in Riviera Beach, Florida to educate students about the responsibility of pets. We brought with us a sugar glider, an iguana, and a ferret to demonstrate the tasks, which accompany owning these popular exotic pets. With each animal, history, habitat, diet, characteristics, living requirements and life span was discussed. Games and demonstrations were conducted with eager volunteers and can be viewed in the video below, with an accompanying paragraph.

Educational Video:

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We visited Washington Elementary School, in Riviera Beach, Florida to educate children of an animal's emotional and physical needs before owning a pet. In chronological order, these are the examples of habits and facts of each animal brought to the presentation. The animals we brought with us were a sugar glider, iguana, and ferret. Our presentation, while originally 30 minutes long, was shortened for this website. Our group introduced ourselves, starting from the viewer's left, with Brady, Leslie, Erin, Lauren, and Alephio. One member, Drew, could not be present. group photo of members of team falconFirst, Lauren shared information about Juju's characteristics and needs, including her story of abandonment. Second, Brady presented the class with an abandoned iguana, and chose two volunteers to measure six feet, the length one can grow. Brady's next volunteer pushed two crates equaling to approximately 80 lbs, the weight of a six foot iguana. Afterwards, kids were given the opportunity to pet the reptile. Third, Erin presented the class with a ferret and let the kids get familiar with the animal's strong smell. She then picked four volunteers to play a game of hide and seek, to demonstrate a ferret's love of stealing possessions. After recovering the designated toys, children got the chance to pet him. Finally, coloring books were given to the children, as a way to remember all they have learned, and to share it with others. Our group had a wonderful time educating these receptive kids, and look forward to reaching more in our community.

Coloring Book:

do you know about this pet coloring book title

This coloring book, created by "Team Falcon" of the Academy of Environmental Science and Technology at Forest Hill High School, was published in March 2001 and revised March 2002 for the 2002 Palm Beach County Envirothon. The coloring book is available for printing below.

Please note: two versions of each page are available. If you choose to print out the PDF version , you will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to view the files.
title page of the coloring book
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page one of the coloring book
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page two of the coloring book
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page three of the coloring book
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page four of the coloring book
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page five of the coloring book
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