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Canal Sediment and Water Quality Characterization

It was conjectured that water flow induced by operation of the STA-1E and 1W discharge pump station may, at times, entrain sediments resulting in erosion of the sediment surface and deterioration of water quality at downstream sampling sites. Therefore, a study divided into two components provided a better understanding of conditions that result in deterioration of water quality. This study has identified the need for adaptation of STA discharge operations.

Component 1 of the study monitored changes in the surface elevation of sediments within the L-40 Canal prior to and following commencement of discharge from the STA-1E discharge pump station. Component 2 studied changes in water quality by following and sampling water as it flows along the L-40 Canal.

Final results on this study can be found at L-40 Canal Sediment Elevation Study: Initial Report,

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