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High-Resolution Bathymetry of Florida Bay

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Project Investigator: Mark Hansen

Project Start Date: 1995 End Date: 1999


The objective of this research is to produce maps and digital grids of historical and modern bathymetry for Florida Bay.

Numerical circulation and sediment transport models being developed for the South Florida Ecosystem Restoration Program will be used to address water quality issues in Florida Bay. Application of these models is complicated due to the complex sea-floor topography (basin/mudbank morphology) of the Bay. The only complete topography data set of the Bay is 100 years old. Consequently, an accurate and modern sea-floor or bathymetry map of the Bay is critical for numerical modeling research. A modern bathymetry data set will also permit a comparison to historical data in order to help access sedimentation rates within the Bay. Previous research suggests that the mudbanks are dynamic features which migrate, accrete and erode. Less is known about the sedimentation rates in the basins. Some experts suggest the basins are filling, in association with sea-level rise, while others suggest the basins are deepening relative to sea-level. This study will produce a detailed bathymetric data set of Florida Bay in order to help assess sedimentation rates and provide numerical modelers with an accurate bathymetry map.

The objective of this research is to collect new bathymetry for all of Florida Bay, digitize the historical shoreline and bathymetric data, compare previous data to modern data, and produce maps and digital grids of historical and modern bathymetry. This information will be provided to other researchers involved in the South Florida Ecosystem Restoration Program so they can better address the water quality issues of Florida Bay.






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