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Flow Velocity and Water Level Transects

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Project Investigator: Raymond W. Schaffranek

Project Start Date: 1997 End Date: 1999


The data from this project will provide calibration and verification information for models that will increase their accuracy.

Please visit the Tides and Inflows in the Mangrove Ecotone (TIME) Model Development and Southern Inland and Coastal Systems (SICS) Model Development Project Webpages for more information.

The data from this project will provide calibration and verification information for the models that will increase their accuracy. The increased confidence in the models will allow better planning of future management options, provide tighter confidence limits, and increase the public acceptance of the output.

The data collection effort will use the newest state-of-the-art acoustic velocity and global positioning systems to obtain the location, velocity, and direction of flow of water moving through the National Park. Extremely low velocities (1 mm/s) can be measured with this equipment.

The primary product of this effort will be data to be used by other parts of the overall study. Databases of the processed data will be created for inclusion in the ongoing modeling efforts, as well as possible use in future projects. The technology and procedure with sample results will be published in a fact sheet format near the end of the project.

The data collection effort will be accomplished in three phases, low, medium, and high water conditions. The exact timing will be determined by water levels and the needs of the two primary modeling projects. Continuous collection points will be established in Taylor Slough where depth and velocity observances will be recorded on a set time interval during each of the intensive data collection periods. Additional mobile measurement will be made at several locations along Transects for comparisons with the fixed points in Taylor Slough and serve as input points for the models. The low water data collection period will be in April, the medium water in August and the high water in July of each year. Data from each run will be available in the data base two months after collection. The data will be stored in the data base in the format of:

  • Location in Latitude and Longitude
  • Velocity in centimeter per second in the north. east and up directions
  • Depth of measurement from the surface
  • Depth of water at location



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