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Application of Stable Isotope Techniques to Identifying Foodweb Structure, Contaminant Sources, and Biogeochemical Reactions in the Everglades

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Project Investigators: Carol Kendall, Bryan E. Bemis, Scott D. Wankel

Project Personnel: Steven R. Silva, David P. Krabbenhoft, George Aiken, William H. Orem, William Loftus, Ted Lange, Peter Rawlik, Darren Rumbold, Larry Fink, Robert Shuford, Joel Trexler, Jerry Stober, Charles W. Holmes, Doug White, Doug Choy

Project Start Date: 2000 End Date: 2004


The primary focus of this study will be to determine the trophic structure of aquatic biota in the Everglades ecosystem, and to investigate the usefulness of carbon-isotope analyses of fatty acids as indicators of trophic position and base of the food chain.

Please note: This project is part of the larger USGS project "Integrated Geochemical Studies in the Everglades"

Major objectives of this project are to: (1) determine the stable C, N, and S isotopic compositions of Everglades biota, (2) use bulk and compound-specific isotopic ratios to determine relative trophic positions for major organisms, (3) examine the spatial and temporal changes in foodweb structures across the ecosystem, especially with respect to the effect of anthropogenically derived nutrients and contaminants from agricultural land uses on foodwebs, (4) evaluate the effectiveness of isotopic techniques vs. gut content analysis for determining trophic relations in the Everglades, (5) evaluate the role of algae vs. detritus/microbial materials in foodwebs across the nutrient gradients, (6) work with modelers to correctly incorporate foodweb and methyl mercury (MeHg) bioaccumulation information into predictive models, and (7) evaluate the effect of STA’s on foodweb relations and MeHg bioaccumulation.


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