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Project Scope of Work

Project Scope of Work 2003

Technical Assistance for the Ecological Evaluation for the Southwest Florida Feasibility Study


The Southwest Florida Feasibility Study (SWFFS) was recommended in the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan and was authorized in Water Resources Development Act of 1996. The objectives of the Feasibility Study are to develop an ecologically sound comprehensive regional plan for water resources in southwest Florida.

The Study began in August 2001 and the final feasibility report is due in November 2005.

The Feasibility Study, co-managed by the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD), requires technical expertise outside of each agency, which can be acquired by contracting with private consultants, federal agencies, or state agencies.


The objective of this scope of work is to provide technical assistance to the USACE and SFWMD for the development and evaluation of ecosystem alternatives for the SWFFS. Mr. Don DeAngelis of the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), in cooperation with the University of Florida (UF), Fort Lauderdale Research and Education Center, will provide this technical assistance by utilizing university staff under the direction of UF professor Dr. Frank Mazzotti.

The technical assistance described here is required throughout the remaining three years of the feasibility study, however currently available funds only allow for assistance during the first 1-1/4 years. In the first year of the Study, additional funds will be sought to continue the technical assistance required to complete the ecological evaluation for the SWFFS. If no funds are secured prior to the end of the contract, USACE and SFWMD staff will use the work completed through this contract to complete the evaluation for the Feasibility Study.


The USACE will contract with the USGS, through the Memorandum of Agreement between the U.S. Geological Survey and the Department of Army signed in 1999, which will, in turn, obtain the technical services through a cooperative agreement with the UF. Staff from the UF under the direction of Dr. Frank Mazzotti and Mr. Don DeAngelis will provide the technical services required for this scope of work. Both of these gentlemen and their respective agencies have conducted extensive ecological research in the south Florida ecosystem.


The SFWMD Fort Myers office will provide workspace, furniture, and computer equipment and support sufficient for the technical assistance described in this scope of work. Co-location with the SFWMD will enhance communication and technical exchange necessary to effectively support the SWFFS. Dr. Frank Mazzotti and Don DeAngelis will provide day-to-day supervision and task assignment. Akin Owosina and John Kremer will be the technical points-of-contact for the SFWMD and USACE, respectively, and will work closely with the UF staff to assure that work duties are integrated with other SWFFS activities.


Task 1:
Assist in development and documentation of conceptual models of coastal ecosystems in southwest Florida.

Task 2:
Assist in establishment of ecological performance measures for the coastal ecosystems in southwest Florida

Task 3:
Develop ecological forecasting models for coastal ecosystems used to evaluate alternatives

Task 4:
Apply ecological forecasting models for coastal ecosystems and begin alternative assessment using these models.

Task 5:
Prepare final report and provide instruction to SFWMD and USACE staff in use of models.

Additionally, the UF ecologist will attend monthly SWFFS team meetings and other meetings as needed to keep informed of the Feasibility Study activities. The ecologist will prepare and present information about the conceptual models and performance measures as requested by the team.


Timeline Activity Report
1st quarter Assist in documentation of conceptual model and establishment of performance measures quarterly status report
2nd quarter Investigate forecasting models quarterly status report
3rd quarter Develop forecasting models quarterly status report
4th quarter Develop and begin to apply forecasting models quarterly status report
5th quarter Apply models and begin alternative assessment, prepare final report, instruct on use of models final report

The quarterly status reports are a brief summary of the tasks completed during the quarter and status of the ongoing effort. These reports should describe any issues or concerns that may impact completion of tasks. Generally, the quarterly status report is no more than one page.

The final report will provide documentation for the development of the ecological forecasting models. This documentation will describe the principles used in development of the models, how they are used to evaluate alternatives, and instruct in use of the models. Instruction in use of the models will be conducted based on the needs of the technical staff at the USACE and SFWMD. The report may include description of the work needed to continue the alternative assessment necessary to complete the evaluation for Feasibility Study.

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