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Project Scope of Work

Project Scope of Work 2009

Data Mining and Modeling to Separate Human and Natural Hydrologic Dynamics

Automated Data Filling Application

Background: Application developed since GEER 2008 to fill real-time data from all agencies. Filling program will generate improved surfaces by using estimated data for missing data. Often there are more than 50 sites with missing data. Three water-level estimation equations were developed for each of the 239 stations (717 equations) in the freshwater portion of the EDEN domain.

Plans for FY09:

  • Fill 2008 data for generating daily surfaces and document equations used (October).
  • Automate application to run daily on EDEN server (October-December).
  • Check each equation in application (October/November).
  • Apply filling application of period of record for EDEN database (2000-2008). Data will be used for updating the GIS surfacing model (November/December).
  • Write USGS Open-file report to document application (January-September).

EDEN Coastal Network

Background: the tidally affected gages are currently (2008) used in the generation of daily surfaces for EDEN. The EDEN team has not decided how the coastal sites will be incorporated into the surfaces.

Plans for FY09:

Meeting with Telis and Higer on October 17th in Boca Raton to discuss and plan activities for FY09.

Snail Kite Hydrology Support

Background: Over the past three years we have provided hydrologic data support to the Florida Coop Unit for their various studies of snail kites. The collaboration has resulted in the creation of a decision support system (DSS) that integrates hindcasted hydrology and vegetation data.

Plans for FY09:

Continue technical support for the Florida Coop Unit including:

  • Computation of water depth duration hydrographs of hindcasted data
  • Computation of hydrologic indices to link hydrology to vegetation change
  • Technical support of the Snail Kite Decision Support System

Technical Support for other Everglades Studies

Background: In the past, I've assisted other studies various analyses and technical reviews. This has included cursory data exploration to more detailed data analysis. Reviews have included short journal articles to agency reports.

Plans for FY09:

  • Continue collaboration with Ken Odom on the Coastal Gradient Gaging Network Analysis.
  • Continue collaboration with Dave Krabenhoff on hydrologic changes in WCA3A and decline of methyl mercury.

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