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Project Summary Sheet

U.S Geological Survey, South Florida Ecosystem Program: Place-Based Studies

Project: Development of an Internet Based GIS to visualize ATLSS Datasets for Resource Managers

Web Sites: ATLSS.ORG

Location: The total system

Principal Investigator: Donald L. DeAngelis, Phone: 305-284-1690, e-mail: ddeangelis@umiami.ir.miami.edu

Project Personnel: James Johnston, National Wetland Research Center, Lafayette, Louisiana. Phone: 337-266-8561, e-mail: Jimmy_Johnston@usgs.gov

Other Supporting Organizations: USGS/BRD, NPS

Associated Projects: Component of the ATLSS Program

Overview & Status: This project concerns the development of a customized ESRI-ArcView based spatial query and visualization system that will provide capabilities of loading ATLSS models data and showing, in the Everglades/Big Cypress area, alternative water management changes and their effects on numerous species modeled in ATLSS (i.e. Cape Sable seaside sparrow, Snail Kite, wading birds, white-tailed deer, American alligator, Florida panther), as opposed to one species, and compare numerous scenarios for one species. It is an easy-to-use analytical tool capable to access the vast amounts of data produced by the ATLSS models, display and integrate geographic data from different sources, interactively extract statistics for user specified areas, allowing the users to produce simple outputs in form of maps, time series graphs, summarized tables, reports and metadata. Most of the outputs generated by the system can be saved to files using standard exporting formats for text, graphic, and table documents. Particular attention has been devoted in defining final users common tasks and implementing procedures that perform them. Particular emphasis has also been given in designing a graphical user interface that assures product usability for not highly trained GIS users. Continuous feedback will be requested to discipline experts and potential final users to release a finished product that fulfills the initial planning tasks. The final product will be released on CD-ROMs (installation files), and hardcopy (user manual and exercises). This project will be used as prototype Internet based server application for the Everglades/South Florida Decision Support System to support restoration efforts.

Needs & Products: Easy access to the vast amounts of ATLSS models output by decision makers is needed. Integration of ATLSS data with other spatial and non spatial data inside the same analytical tool. is needed. There is a need for an easy-to-use, flexible, and effective tool to compare ATLSS model results for user-defined time intervals, scenarios, and geographic location through an heavily customization of graphical user interface and system functionality. There is a need to focus on the analysis on specific sites by providing spatially-defined "on-fly" data statistics. Support is needed for the process of making informed decisions by providing ready-to-use outputs like maps, graphs, tables. Analysis results need to be opened to external applications by providing saving capabilities to standard files format. It is desired to minimize the learning curve for not highly trained GIS users by designing a task-oriented Graphical User Interface.

Products include: Technical reports of the first draft ATLSS Data Viewer prototype (April 2000), a CD-ROM of application and data (May 2000), a Power Point presentation (July 2000), and a draft poster (July 2000)

Application to Everglades Restoration: The ATLSS integrated suite of models has been used extensively in Everglades restoration panning. Results from this program have been used in the evaluation of the effects of the C&SF Restudy, the Modified Water Deliveries (ModWaters) project and C-111 hydrology scenarios on key biota. The suite of ATLSS models can be used in parallel with monitoring and adaptive management during and after implementation of a restoration plan.

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Note: "x" indicates task completed, and "o" indicates task planned, but not completed

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