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Project Summary Sheet

U.S. Geological Survey, Greater Everglades Science Program: Place-Based Studies

Fiscal Year 2002 Project Summary Sheet

Project: Development of an Internet-Based GIS to Visualize ATLSS Datasets for Resource Managers

Web Sites: www.atlss.org

Location (Subregions & Counties): Greater Everglades

Funding (Source): USGS Place-Based Studies

Principal Investigator: Donald L. DeAngelis, Phone 305-284-1690, e-mail ddangelis@umiami.ir.miami.edu

Project Personnel: James B. Johnston, National Wetlands Research Center, Lafayette, LA. Phone: 337-266-8561, e-mail: Jimmy_Johnston@usgs.gov

Supporting Organizations: USGS/BRD, NPS

Associated Projects: Component of ATLSS Program

Overview & Status: This project concerns the continuation of the development of the ATLSS data viewer system (DVS), a customized application based on ESRI-ArcView 3.2 that provides capability of displaying and processing, in a Geographic Information System, the output of some ATLSS submodels. Currently, output from the hydrology model, White-tailed deer BPI, Cape Sable Seaside sparrow BPI, wading birds FCI, American alligator PI, Snile kite SKI, for three hydrologic scenarios (F2050, C1995, D134), and 31 years (1965-1995) can be viewed and spatially analyzed to support Everglades restoration planning. The ATLSS data viewer capability will be expanded to include output from other ATLSS models (snail kite individual-based model, EVERKITE, fish dynamics model, ALFISH, and Cape Sable sparrow model, SIMSPAR), and will provide users with the possibility to input empirical data in order to determine the degree of correlation between models output and empirical data. Users will be able to import into the DVS a set of locations (UTM, decimal degrees, or degree, minute, second coordinates), extract cell values from model outputs, and display the result or export it to external applications like MS Excel or the ATLSS Model Validation tool. The capability to generate detailed and informative reports from data analysis will be also expanded. A web-based ATLSS DVS user's Support Center will be developed to provide data viewer users and general public with details of application, user guide, tutorial exercises, and technical support information. It will also contain constantly updated resources like downloadable files of software versions, data, and installation instructions. A forum will be implemented to allow users to submit questions, suggestions, and ideas on the DVS and data included in it. A "Frequently Asked Questions" list will be created and maintained.

Needs & products: Managers or decision makers who need to support decision-making, and scientists who need to evaluate hydrological or ecological impacts using ATLSS model outputs benefit from the ATLSS data viewer because it allows the access, display, and analysis of the vast amount of data produced by ATLSS models with a user-friendly graphical interface. With the increase of the number of sites capable to run ATLSS models locally, the ATLSS DVS becomes the first tool in displaying the results of new runs. The DVS is able to provide procedures to import raw data generated from the models into a ESRI-grid format, which is used for displaying and performing spatial analysis, and integrate this data with other data sets in one, largely used GIS environment like ESRI ArcView 3.2. To support old and new users of ATLSS DVS, task-oriented tutorial exercises and on-site additional training sessions will be provided, as well as a web-based user's support center will be developed.

Application to Everglades Restoration: The ATLSS DVS is essential to viewing ATLSS output, so that the ATLSS models can be used in CERP evaluations. The ATLSS DVS has been delivered already to Everglades National Park and the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service for this purpose. 

Study Milestones
1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005
Familiarity           x          
Design           x x o o o  
Field Work           NA          
Data Analysis           NA          
Initial Reporting           x          
Quality Assurance           x x x o o  
Results Published               o o o  
Synthesis           NA     o    
Note: "x" indicates task completed during quarter, and "o" indicates task planned, but not completed

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