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Project Summary Sheet

U.S. Geological Survey, Greater Everglades Science Program: Place-Based Studies

Fiscal Year 2002 Project Summary Sheet

Project: A Multimodeling Implementation Supporting ATLSS: Across-Trophic Level System Simulation

Web Sites: ATLSS.ORG

Location (Subregions & Counties): The total system

Funding (Source): USGS Place-Based Studies

Principal Investigator: Paul A. Fishwick, Computer and Information Science and Engineering Department, Bldg. CSE, Room 301, University of Florida, PO Box 116120, Gainesville, FL 32611-6120

Project Personnel: Donald L. DeAngelis, Phone: 305-284-1690 e-mail: ddeangelis@umiami.ir.miami.edu

Supporting Organizations: USGS/BRD, NPS, ACE, EPA

Associated / Linked Projects: Component of ATLSS Program

Overview & Status: This project built interfaces and integration mechanisms for targeted computer codes that are part of ATLSS are being built. For example, a hydrology & fish/wading bird distributed simulation interface has been constructed. Other codes are being analyzed, such as the apple snail code have been integrated into ATLSS. The objectives are to build interface mechanisms, visualization systems, and to continue modeling research. Achievement of the objectives should result in the ability of ecologists to more easily model Everglades species populations and ecology. One of the basic problems in developing large sets of interacting models is effectively linking them together. In particular, models must be integrated in a manner that minimizes the effort required for application and interpretation. This integration requires development and coupling of interfaces, including those listed below: (1) Model-user interface is the actual environment through which the user accesses various programs, selects program attributes, inputs data, simulates various conditions, and evaluates model output. (2) Model-model interface, which is transparent to the user, includes the essential linkages between various models and their outputs. (3) Output data-graphical/visualization interface is critical to presentation of voluminous simulation results in a form interpretable by decision makers, as well as scientists and engineers.

Needs & Products: Creation of interfaces, integration of model components, and production of visualization systems that support ATLSS distributed simulations are engineering problems, which are currently in the process of being solved. An essential aspect of ATLSS is the linking together of individual models where needed. A few component models of ATLSS were chosen for initial integration. One task was to link the individual-based, spatially explicit wading bird breeding colony model that was developed by Wilfried Wolff of the University of Miami with the hydrology and fish model developed at the University of Tennessee. A second task was to link the individual-based, spatially-explicit snail kite model developed by Wolf Mooij of the Netherlands Institute of Ecology with the apple snail model developed by Phil Darby, in collaboration with Dr. Paul Fishwick, both of the University of Florida.

Application to Everglades Restoration: The ATLSS integrated suite of models has been used extensively in Everglades restoration planning. Results from this program have been used in the evaluation of the effects of the C&SF Restudy. Modified Water Deliveries (ModWater) plan, and the C-111 hydrology scenarios on key biota. The suite of ATLSS models can be used in parallel with monitoring and adaptive management during and after implementation of a restoration plan.

Study Milestones
1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005
Familiarity   x x                
Design     x x              
Field Work       x              
Data Analysis       x x x x        
Initial Reporting       x x x x        
Quality Assurance           x x        
Results Published                      
Synthesis             x        
Note: "x" indicates task completed during quarter, and "o" indicates task planned, but not completed

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