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Project Summary Sheet

U.S. Geological Survey, Greater Everglades Science Initiative (Place-Based Studies)

Fiscal Year 2003 Project Summary Report

Project Title: South Florida Information Management: Metadata Management and Maintenance

Project Start Date: 1996 Project End Date: 2005

Web Sites: http://sofia.usgs.gov

Location (Subregions, Counties, Park or Refuge): Total System; Broward, Charlotte, Collier, Dade, Glades, Hendry, Highlands, Indian River, Lee, Martin, Monroe, Okeechobee, Orange, Osceola, Palm Beach, Polk, and St. Lucie Counties

Funding Source: USGS's Greater Everglades Science Initiative (PBS)

Principal Investigator(s): Jo Anne Stapleton

Project Personnel: Jo Anne Stapleton

Supporting Organizations: none

Associated / Linked Projects: SOFIA website, SOFIA Environmental Database Development and Maintenance

Overview & Objective(s): The South Florida restoration effort requires multidisciplinary information relating to present and historical conditions for use in responsible decision-making. Numerous data sets have been created as a result of USGS research conducted in support of the South Florida restoration effort. Metadata provide information for discovering, assessing, and accessing the data sets. The objective is to have accurate, current, FGDC-compliant, searchable metadata for all projects and data sets posted on the South Florida Information Access (SOFIA) website.

Status: All the projects for FY 2003 either have current FGDC-compliant metadata or the metadata record is in work and will be posted by the end of the fiscal year on the SOFIA website. Over 100 data sets have current or updated metadata available. A review of existing metadata records for data sets and former projects has been initiated to determine which records need to be created, updated, or deleted.

Recent & Planned Products: A poster on SOFIA metadata discussing tools to create the metadata and the various formats for the records was presented at the Florida Bay/Greater Everglades Ecosystem Restoration Joint Conference in Palm Harbor, FL in April 2003.

The other products are the metadata records that are posted on the SOFIA website at http://sofia.usgs.gov. The plan is to have current a metadata record for every USGS Place-Based Studies program project and data set on the SOFIA website.

Relevance to Greater Everglades Restoration Information Needs: The metadata provide a decision support tool by allowing managers and others to search for relevant data and information to assist them in making informed decisions about the restoration process in South Florida.

Key Findings:
A gazetteer for South Florida is needed.
A standardized list of key words would greatly aid the search capability for the metadata.
Well done and detailed metadata provides a wealth of information for users to evaluate the usefulness of a data set or to see what research work is being done by USGS personnel in South Florida.

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