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Project Summary Sheet

U.S. Geological Survey, Greater Everglades Priority Ecosystems Science (GE PES) Initiative

Fiscal Year 2006 Study Summary Report

Study Title: CERP/RECOVER Restoration Technology Transfer: USGS-CERP Liaison with SFWMD (Torres, Best)
Study Start Date: October 1, 2005 Study End Date: Continuing
Web Sites: data available at SOFIA
Location (Subregions, Counties, Park or Refuge): Greater Everglades
Funding Source: USGS Greater Everglades Priority Ecosystems Science (GE PES)
Other Complementary Funding Source(s): USGS Florida Integrated Science Center (FISC)
Funding History: FY06, FY07, FY08, FY09, FY10
Principal Investigator(s): Arturo Torres and G. Ronnie Best
Study Personnel: na
Supporting Organizations: USGS
Associated / Linked Studies: CERP/RECOVER Restoration Technology Transfer: USGS-CERP Liaison with COE (Telis, Best)

Overview & Objective(s): This CERP/RECOVER Restoration Technology Transfer and USGS-CERP Liaison with SFWMD effort entails three tasks as follow:

  • Task 1 - A. USGS participation in CERP PDT and RECOVER meetings; B. Work with DOI, SFWMD and other restoration partners to ensure technology transfer and science synthesis; and C. Provide DOI-specific immediate response for critical information needs.
  • Task 2 - Assist with GE PES coordination.
  • Task 3 - USGS Liaison with SFWMD
Status: Ongoing

Recent & Planned Products:

Relevance to Greater Everglades Restoration Information Needs/Key Finding:

The USGS continues to provide relevant, objective science and research used for adaptive management and decision making for the restoration of the greater Everglades ecosystem. As budgets shrink and federal and state funding is diverted to other and more current priorities, the USGS needs to consider new technologies, analyses, and efficiencies in conducting our science. These changes, like most changes, are not easy and require direct involvement with other agencies and partners working together to find solutions.

Key Findings:

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