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Project Work Plan

Greater Everglades Science Program: Place-Based Studies

Project Work Plan FY 2003


Project Title: South Florida Information Management: Metadata Management and Maintenance
Project start date: 1996 Project end date: TBD
Project Funding: Place-Based Studies
Principal Investigator: Jo Anne Stapleton
Email address: jastapleton@usgs.gov
Phone: 703 648-4592 Fax: 703 648-4614
Mail address: U.S. Geological Survey, 521 National Center, Reston, VA 20192

Other Investigator(s): None

Project Summary: The South Florida restoration effort requires multidisciplinary information relating to present and historical conditions for use in responsible decision-making. Numerous data sets have been created as a result of USGS research conducted in support of the South Florida restoration effort. Metadata provide information for discovering, assessing, and accessing the data sets. Searchable metadata provide a valuable tool for scientists, managers, and the public. The project is expanding the USGS project metadata inventory to include metadata on every data set. Existing metadata is reviewed for currentness and changes in contact information or project status. The metadata is posted for public access on the South Florida Information Access (SOFIA) web site. The metadata along with the SOFIA database and the Data Exchange are integral to information management for the South Florida place-based science program. The data and metadata are available to Federal, State, and local agencies through the web interface.

Project Objectives and Strategy: The objectives of the metadata project are to document the data sets produced as a result of USGS research in South Florida and to make the metadata and data sets available to potential customers, managers, and policy makers. The metadata contains information about the contents of the data sets, why the data was collected or created, who collected or created the data, the accuracy of the data, the contacts for questions about the data, and how to obtain the data. The metadata are available through the SOFIA website at http://sofia.usgs.gov.

Potential Impacts and Major Products: The metadata will allow potential users of the data to evaluate whether the data are suitable for their needs and allow discovery of the data produced by the USGS in support of the Everglades restoration effort. The metadata are the major products.

Collaborators: None at this time

Clients: NPS, South Florida Water Management District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, USGS-WRD, USGS-GD, Federal, State, and local policy and decision makers and managers



Title of Task 1: Metadata creation and maintenance
Task Leaders: Jo Anne Stapleton
Phone: 703 648-4592
Fax: 703 648-4614
Task Status (proposed or active): active
Task priority: highest
Task Personnel: Jo Anne Stapleton

Task Summary and Objectives: Same as the project summary - to create and maintain metadata for all data sets produced under the PBS-funded research, relevant historical data sets, and potentially data sets from other agencies and organizations that are relevant to the Everglades restoration process. This may include working with other agencies to create metadata for their relevant data sets and training others in the use of metadata production software and the FGDC metadata standard. The metadata will be made available to the public and other customers through the SOFIA web site.

Work to be undertaken during the proposal year and a description of the methods and procedures: Work will continue on creation and updating of metadata for USGS PBS-funded data and relevant historical data sets and assisting other organizations with metadata creation as requested. The metadata will be created using SMMS (Spatial Metadata Management Software) from Intergraph along with USGS developed pre-parser (cns) and parser (mp) software to produce metadata in various formats. The work may also include use of USGS-developed XMLInput Tool for outside customers who may not have access to SMMS.

Planned Outreach: Demonstration of the metadata portion of the SOFIA web site at the South Florida annual conference and other conferences as appropriate.

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