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South Florida Information Access (SOFIA)

Project Work Plan

Department of Interior USGS GE PES

Fiscal Year 2009 Study Work Plan

Title of Task: GIS/IT Support for Landscape Ecological Modeling in South Florida
Task Funding: USGS
Task Leader: Scott Wilson
Phone: 337-266-8644
Fax: 337-266-8616
e-mail: scott_wilson@usgs.gov
Time Frame for Task: Fiscal Year 2009
Task Personnel: Scott Wilson, Steve Hartley, Cindy Thatcher, Dustin Roszell, Gene Nelson, and Craig Conzelmann

Task Summary: The USGS has been requested by the South Florida Interagency Modeling Center (located at SFWMD in West Palm Beach, FL) to assist in integrating ecological models (such as: ATLSS SESI models, HydroSuite model and other ecological models) into the IMC system of models. Currently, the source code for ATLSS SESI models (and related models) resides at the University of Tennessee (UT) and at the IMC, but production runs are only performed at UT. In order to have these models running in a production mode at the IMC, source code must be compiled with a specific versions of the Linux operating system, specific gcc compilers, a specific version of PV-WAVE, and the outputs must be tested and verified with those from UT. To further facilitate production runs of the ATLSS models at the IMC, USGS will be assisting the University of Tennessee in their efforts to train IMC personnel (and others interested) on how to perform successful model runs. In an effort to gain a better understanding of the impacts of hydrology choice, USGS will perform a comparative analysis of the ecological model outputs which are based on varied hydrologic inputs.

USGS will focus efforts on improving integration both within the Department of Interior agencies (USGS, USFWS, NPS) and others such as the SFWMD and the Army Corps of Engineers with hopes of future expansion to other natural resource stake holders. In keeping with JEM’s charge to “Get Ecological Models into the Hands of the Users”, USGS will develop a prototype application which will enable natural resource managers and scientist to parameterize, run, and visualize outputs from various models.


Recent Products and Accomplishments:

Specific Task Products:

  1. Ensure ATLSS HRH and SESI models are running in a production mode at the IMC.
  2. Verify ATLSS outputs from IMC match ATLSS outputs from UT.
  3. Ensure all documentation is available to install and configure ATLSS including the details steps necessary when a new Cal/Ver is released.
  4. Compare the ATLSS SESI model outputs run on ATLSS hydrology with ATLSS SESI model outputs run on ELM and 4DHRH hydrology.
  5. Develop detailed instructions for running ATLSS models and the HydroSuite model at the Interagency Modeling Center (IMC).
  6. Increase the level of communication and integration with the other key agencies (USFWS, NPS, SFWMD) by attending JEM meetings and onsite visits to discuss the agency specific needs related to data modeling, data manipulation, and data viewing.
  7. Develop a new desktop application for data processing and viewing which addresses the following:
    1. Cross platform: Windows, MacOSX, Linux (Java based).
    2. Provides user an intuitive environment for acquiring, parameterizing, and running models.
    3. Allows the user to visualize spatial data on the globe.
    4. Incorporates many of the redundant functional features available in JEM produced applications.