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South Florida Information Access (SOFIA)

Project Work Plan

Department of the Interior USGS GE PES

Fiscal Year 2010 Study Work Plan

Title of Task: Advanced Computer Applications to Support the Greater Everglades Joint Ecosystem Modeling Effort
Task Funding: USGS
Task Leader: Craig Conzelmann
Phone: 337-266-8842
Fax: 337-266-8616
e-mail: conzelmannc@usgs.gov
Time Frame for Task: Fiscal Year 2010
Task Personnel: Craig Conzelmann, Scott Wilson, Steve Hartley, Dustin Roszell, Dover Wingrove

Task Summary:
The USGS has been requested by the South Florida Ecosystem Restoration Program to take a lead role on all programming activities which fall under the Joint Ecosystem Modeling (JEM) umbrella. This request includes developing and implementing a long-term software development and maintenance strategy which addresses scientists and resource managers needs to run ecological models, data manipulation tools, and data viewers from their desktops. Additionally, USGS has been asked to investigate and recommend data storage standards and data sharing techniques which will ease the challenges related data access across the Everglades restoration community.

USGS will continue its efforts focused on improving integration both within the Department of Interior agencies (USGS, USFWS, NPS) and others such as the SFWMD and the Army Corps of Engineers with hopes of future expansion to other natural resource stake holders.


Recent Products and Accomplishments:

Specific Task Products:

  1. Expand the effort to establish a CERP netCDF standard beyond just USGS and NPS to the Greater Everglades restoration community.
  2. Program the decision rules of the following models into EverVIEW model plug-ins:
    1. Amphibian
    2. Apple Snail
    3. Crayfish
    4. Prey Biomass
    5. Crocodile
    6. Spoonbill
    7. Other models can also be addressed based on available resources and priority
  3. Present EverVIEW at GEER 2010
  4. Develop a web based (research and development) collaboration tool which allows JEM partners to share ideas, models, data, etc in a forum-like setting.
  5. Continue efforts to maintain communication and integration with the other key agencies (USFWS, NPS, SFWMD) by attending JEM meetings and onsite visits to discuss the agency specific needs related to data modeling, data manipulation, and data viewing. With the release of EverVIEW and its plug-ins, these partner meetings will also need to include face-to-face training to ensure the users understand how to use the new software.