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Project Work Plan

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Fiscal Year 2012 Study Work Plan

Study Title: Fire, Hydrology and Soils along the Mangrove Ecotone within the Greater Everglades Ecosystem
Principal Investigator: Ann M. Foster
Co-Principal Investigator: Thomas J. Smith III
Co-Principal Investigator: John W. Jones
Principal Investigator Contact Information:
Ann M. Foster   U.S. Geological Survey, Southeast Ecological Science Center,
7920 NW 71st Street, Gainesville, FL 32653
(p) 352.264.3565,   (f) 352.378.4965,   amfoster@usgs.gov
Co-Principal Investigator Contact Information:
Thomas J. Smith III    U.S. Geological Survey
600 Fourth Street, South, St. Petersburg, Florida   33701
(p)727-803-8747 x 3130,   (f)727-803-2030
Co-Principal Investigator Contact Information:
John W. Jones    U.S. Geological Survey, Eastern Geographic Science Center
521 National Center,   Reston, VA   20192
(p) 703-648-5543,   (f)703-648-4163

Statement of Problem: Fire in the south Florida landscape has historically been influential in shaping the ecosystem. The link between hydrology, soil formation, and fire is a critical complex component in the persistence of the biotic components of the Everglades (Smith et al 2003, Beckage 2005). As a result, Everglades National Park has been at the forefront of NPS fire policy development since the inception of the park. It was the first to allow prescribed burns and one of the first to develop a fire management plan (Taylor 1981).

The occurrence of invasive exotic plants has confounded the fire regime in Everglades National Park by changing the dynamics of how the vegetation burns. This phenomenon has been observed in mangrove forests especially along ecotones with upland vegetation communities. By examining the association between fire, soil, water and vegetation we can begin to understand the ecology and dynamics of these areas.

Overall Project Objectives:


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