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Project Work Plan

Department of Interior USGS GE PES
Fiscal Year 2014 Study Work Plan

Study Title: Advanced Computer Applications to Support the Greater Everglades Joint Ecosystem Modeling Effort
Current Study Start Date: Oct 1, 2014 Current Study End Date: Sept 30, 2015
Location (Subregions, Counties, Park, or Refuge): Greater Everglades
Funding Source: USGS PES
Funding History: 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013
FY14 USGS Funding:
Principal Investigator: Craig Conzelmann
Supporting Organizations: NPS, FWS, SFWMD, LA CPRA

Overview & Objective(s): The USGS has been requested by the South Florida Ecosystem Restoration Program to take a lead role on all programming activities which fall under the Joint Ecosystem Modeling (JEM) umbrella. This request includes developing and implementing a long-term software development and maintenance strategy which addresses scientists and resource managers needs to run ecological models, data manipulation tools, and data viewers from their desktops. Additionally, USGS has been asked to lead CERP modeling data standards and data sharing efforts which will ease the challenges related data access across the Everglades restoration community.

In partnership with principal investigators (PI) from various federal agencies and institutions, USGS is building and maintaining a database of biological monitoring data for studies in and around the Greater Everglades. This task includes the development of database management and query tools for PIs, as well as the JEM Biological Data Viewer, a map which offers information to the general public about past and current biological monitoring studies.

USGS will continue its efforts focused on improving integration both within the Department of Interior agencies (USGS, USFWS, NPS) and others such as the University of Florida, the SFWMD, and the Army Corps of Engineers, with hopes of future expansion to other natural resource stakeholders.

Specific Relevance to Major Unanswered Questions and Information Needs Identified: The community of JEM partners has repeatedly articulated challenges surrounding the utilization of complex, time-series modeling data products in their decision making process. EverVIEW was designed to address this major need. Through partner feedback, we continue to expand the software functionality to address new needs be that computational or visual. In the recent past, a new issue was surfaced related to biological data management to support PES science efforts and the lack of these data exposed in a fashion that could support decision processes. This need drove the development of the JEM Biological Database, which is an online platform to support individual science efforts. Specifically, this system will help science teams enter, QC, query, filter, and report or share their data with private science partners or the general public.

Planned Products for FY14:

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