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South Florida Information Access (SOFIA)

Project Work Plan

Department of Interior USGS GE PES
Fiscal Year 2014 Study Work Plan

Study Title: South Florida Information Access (SOFIA) Metadata, Data Delivery, EDEN Geospatial System, and Website in Support of Greater Everglades Restoration
Current Study Start Date: 1996 Current Study End Date: TBD
Location (Subregions, Counties, Park, or Refuge): Entire system
Funding Source: GEPES (this project is fully funded by GEPES)
Funding History: GEPES (this project has been fully funded by GEPES since FY98)
FY14 USGS Funding: GEPES
Principal Investigator: Heather Henkel
USGS Project Officer: St. Petersburg Admin Officer: Patricia Hartsing, phartsing@usgs.gov
USGS Technical Officer: N/A
Supporting Organizations: CERP RECOVER (indirectly provide support for EDEN project)

Overview & Objective(s): The South Florida Information Access (SOFIA) system was created by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) in 1995. Its mission is to provide easy access to information about research projects and products generated as part of USGS Greater Everglades Priority Ecosystems Science (GEPES) and other Federal, state, and local science providers. SOFIA provides this service by integrating information systems and tools enabling efficient storage, organization, and search and retrieval of scientific information about the south Florida ecosystem. SOFIA was designed to benefit three major user groups: USGS program managers and scientists working with GEPES, managers and scientists working for other organizations involved with Everglades restoration, and members of the public interested in USGS research and the science behind the Greater Everglades restoration effort.

The SOFIA website (http://sofia.usgs.gov/) contains links to project descriptions, proposals, publications, data (through links to our data exchange site and various databases), metadata, presentations, and contact information, as well as general interest items, including photographs and posters. In addition, the SOFIA team continues to work with outside agencies, such as the South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD), the National Park Service (NPS), and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE). SOFIA also provides support for several other Greater Everglades projects including: Carbonate Aquifer Characterization Laboratory, Ecosystem History of South Florida Estuaries, Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge, and maintains the Tides and Inflows in the Mangroves of the Everglades (TIME) website. Several projects use SOFIA to disseminate their data, including major data releases such as: Aquatic Cycling of Mercury in the Everglades (ACME) database, South Florida Hydrology Data Download, Near-Surface Water-Quality Surveys of the Caloosahatchee River and Downstream Estuaries, and Ecosystem History of South Florida Estuaries Data. The SOFIA project also provides substantial support for the Everglades Depth Estimation Network (EDEN) in the form of website development and data management.

SOFIA currently contains 194 projects, 293 metadata entries, 1,141 publications available through project web pages (i.e., shown on the project pages), and 1,034 in the publications database.

The SOFIA and EDEN projects require a broad array of technical services in order to support the Greater Everglades Restoration effort. Recently, the federal government has released policies requiring governmental data to be freely available, easily accessible, and ensuring that data is well-documented. The SOFIA project and staff are uniquely well-positioned to handle this effort.

Specific Relevance to Major Unanswered Questions and Information Needs Identified: The south Florida restoration effort requires multidisciplinary information related to present and historical conditions for use in responsible decision-making. The SOFIA website provides centralized, seamless access to all information produced by USGS GEPES, as well as other related information produced outside of the Survey. The SOFIA Information System continues to be one of the main places to access Everglades Restoration-related information.

SOFIA staff provides a variety of data management and programming support to GEPES PIs, including analyses, visualizations, and data processing.

Planned Products for FY14: Website (includes data sets, databases, metadata, support for EDEN project, geospatial applications)

Work Plan

Task Leaders: Heather Henkel
Phone: 727-502-8028
FAX: 727-502-8182
Task priority: High
Task Personnel: Kathy Pegram, Bryan McCloskey, metadata contractor

Task Summary and Objective(s): (for each task) The summary and objectives for the task are the same as the project summary and objectives.

Work to be undertaken during the proposal year and a description of the methods and procedures:

Work will continue on the creation of new materials for the SOFIA site. This will involve:

Specific Task Products:

The SOFIA project does not have products and delivery dates like those of traditional science projects. Because the SOFIA project is a support function, our products and delivery dates are driven by the content provided by scientists and the deadlines they request. New content for both the SOFIA and EDEN websites are posted in a timely manner.

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