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Critical Model Development for the Restudy – Additional DOI Restudy Needs and ATLSS Production Runs for Various Hydrologic Evaluations

Project Proposal for 2001

Continuation Research Plan [Year 3 of 4 Years]

PROJECT TITLE: Critical Model Development for the Restudy – Additional DOI Restudy Needs and ATLSS Production Runs for Various Hydrologic Evaluations

Principal Investigator: Dr. Louis J. Gross
Mail address:
Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
The University of Tennessee
Knoxville, Tennessee 37996


Need for the study:

This amendment to Cooperative Agreement No. 1445-CA09-95-0094, Subagreement No. 1 requests funds to support the effort to carry out rapid assessments of hydrologic scenarios using the ATLSS collection of models. These could include efforts related to the Restudy, the Experimental Water Deliveries Program, the Modified Water Deliveries Project and the C-111 Project (collectively Referred to here as ModWater). In all cases, previously ATLSS model results have been requested during scenario evaluations for these hydrologic planning instruments, and this workplan includes efforts to carry out limited further ATLSS simulation runs as required. These are as specified in Task #3 of the 7/1/00-6/30/01 workplan. It is expected that the need for UT to carry out such evaluations will be ceasing as of 6/30/02 as by that time all currently developed ATLSS models will have been made available for agencies to utilize on their own equipment.

Budget estimates are for a set of an additional three scenario evaluations which will include complete suites of ATLSS models currently available including: High Resolution Hydrology, the Long-legged Wading Bird Foraging Conditions Index model, SIMSPAR Sparrow Individual-based model for the western population, Cape Sable Seaside Sparrow Breeding Potential Index model, Snail Kite Index model, the White-tailed Deer Index Model and the Alligator Index Model. It is assumed that each scenario will be compared to a base scenario already evaluated by TIEM and as for recent Modwater evaluations, no explicit written evaluation will be required from UT for these scenarios.


Reports and Deliverables:
Type of Product* No. of Copies Due Date
1. Brief letter report with the following: [1] date of receipt of executed contract (i.e. start date), [2] this "table" with specific due dates, [3] status of progress made towards providing data/metadata/model-source-code, [4] draft text w/ graphics/slides for 2-pager Fact Sheet. Original + 2 + electronic copy 60 days after award of contract.
2. 1st Trimester Report – a brief report updating progress/problems to date and all data and metadata file, & model source code to date. Plus, final of 2-pager Fact Sheet. Original + 2 + electronic copy 120 days after award of contract.
3. 2nd Trimester Report - with updated data/metadata file[s] & model source code. Plus, "Request for Continued Funding" for the next year funding. Original + 2 + electronic copy 240 days after award of contract.
Annual Report with all data to date with metadata file[s], fully documented model source code. Original + 2 + electronic copy 1 Year after award of contract.
* Note: Manuscripts, peer reviewed publications, book chapters, graduate student thesis/dissertation, etc. are both acceptable and desirable as chapters or sections of annual/final reports. At least one 2-page fact sheet is required for each of these major types of publications.

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