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Elevation Contours of Lake Okeechobee

Download raw data, jpeg, and pdf files below

By Gary W. Hill, Nancy T. DeWitt, and Mark Hansen

map of Lake Okeechobee elevation contours (in feet)

Elevation contour maps of Lake Okeechobee are available as JPEG and PDF files

You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the PDF files.

Contours in feet

Contours in meters

Note: You can click on the map (at left) to view larger JPEG images of northwestern, northeastern, southwestern, and southeastern sections.

Lake Okeechobee Bathymetry Data

Download metadata (24 KB)

Download raw data file (ptokeemft.xyz) (60 MB)

The format of the data file "ptokeemft.xyz" is as follows:

Col 1 Longitude - GRS80/NAD83
Col 2 Latitude - GRS80/NAD83
Col 3 X State Plane (ft)- Florida East Zone
Col 4 Y State Plane (ft) - Florida East Zone
Col 5 VERTCON correction factor (m)
Col 6 Elevation (m)- NAVD88
Col 7 Elevation (ft) - NAVD88
Col 8 Elevation (m) - NGVD29
Col 9 Elevation (ft) - NGVD29

Lake Okeechobee Contour Maps

AI-ft and AI-m files contain the digital copies of the Adobe Illustrator Lake Okeechobee contour maps with a SPOT mosaic background. AI-ft is the feet version and AI-m is the metric version. Please note: the files below are very large and have been "zipped" to try to reduce their file size. See the note below about downloading and "unzipping" .zip files.

Downloading Hints

Mac users: to download a file to your computer, hold down the "option" key and then click on the link. PC users: right-click on the link to download it to your desktop.

If you do not have the software to expand zipped files, please use the links below to download freeware or shareware that will allow you to unzip the files.

lower right cornerlower left cornerupper right cornerupper left corner

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