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Flow-velocity data collected in the wetlands adjacent to Canal C-111 in south Florida during 1997 and 1999

M.H. Ball and R.W. Schaffranek

Note: Entire open file report is available from the TIME website in PDF format (5.6 MB)

An accessible version of the report is available as a .DJVU file. You will need the free Lizardtech plug-in to view this file.


The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) is working closely with other Federal and State agencies in a comprehensive program to evaluate and restore the south Florida ecosystem. Within the USGS South Florida Ecosystem Program, a project entitled "Coupling Models for Canal and Wetland Flow/Transport Interaction" is focused on analysis and numerical simulation of flow and potential transport of constituents between canal C-111 and wetlands adjacent to Everglades National Park. In support of this project, comprehensive sets of flow, vegetation, and water-quality data were collected in September 1997 and 1999. The flow-velocity data are compiled, summarized, and tabulated in this report. The flow, vegetation, and water-quality data are available for downloading from the World Wide Web.

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