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(Metadata record is available for Helicopter Magnetic Data)

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Two versions of the data set are provided with this report. The original data set is contained in an ASCII file named 616a.xyz. This data set is described in the original Dighem report and in file 616a.title. The corrected data set is named 616a_cor.xyz and are described in Table 3. The channel names for the corrected data set are found in file 616a_cor.title and are described in Table 4.

The horizontal coplanar channels (HCP) of the original data set are in "Dighem ppm." These values are a factor of 2 smaller than real parts per million (ppm) of the primary signal. All HCP values in the corrected data set have been converted to true ppm.

Links to Resistivity Color Maps and Grids can be found in the 'Products and Processing Techniques' section of the Appendix

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