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Helicopter Electromagnetic Data from Everglades National Park and Surrounding Areas, Florida: Collected 9-14 December 1994

Open-File Report 02-101

by David V. Fitterman1 and Maria Deszcz-Pan1
1Denver, Colorado


Additional Corrections
Description of Data Sets
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This report describes helicopter electromagnetic (HEM) data that were collected over portion of Everglades National Park and surrounding areas in south Florida. The survey was flown 9-14 December 1994. The original data set processed by the contractor, Dighem, are provided as an ASCII, xyz flight-line file. Apparent resistivity grids of the generated from the original data set and JPEG images of these grids are also provided. The data have been corrected by the U.S. Geological Survey to remove the effects of calibration errors and bird-height uncertainty. The corrected data set is included in this report as flight-line data only.

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