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Conversion of Historical Topographic Sheets (T-sheets) from Paper to Digital Form: Florida Everglades and Vicinity


(Please note the file size of each file below; many files are quite large and will take several minutes to an hour to download, depending on your internet connection. To request a copy of this report on CD (which contains all of the files included in this publication), please contact Tom J. Smith at tom_j_smith@usgs.gov.

In addition, image 4577 was mislabeled as 4457 in the geotiff.zip and tiff_tfw.zip files below. The correct file name is 4577 and has been updated in the two zip files.)

The links on this map lead to unreferenced *.tif images. To download georeferenced (UTM Zone 17, Clarke 1866 spheroid, NAD 27 datum)  images, go to the "download options" section below. The T-sheets are located in the file geotiff.zip (87.7MB), and the mosaic is contained in dec31mos.zip (67.3MB).

T-sheet download options: 

  • unreferenced *.PDF files are linked via the map below (*.PDF files are viewed using the free downloadable Acrobat reader)
  • georeferenced *tif images via geotiff.zip (87.7MB)  (best quality)
  • georeferenced mosaic via dec31mos.zip (67.3MB)
  • georeferenced, pack-bit compressed, tiled 64w x 64h, *.tif images with associated world files via tiff_tfw.zip (90.1MB) 
Clickable image map of Florida Everglades T-sheets T-sheet 5862 T-sheet 5863 T-sheet 5866A T-sheet 4389 T-sheet 4371 T-sheet 4430 T-sheet 4431 T-sheet 4452 T-sheet 4453 T-sheet 4454 T-sheet 4461 T-sheet 5441 T-sheet 4576 T-sheet 4459 T-sheet 4460 T-sheet 5439 T-sheet 5440 T-sheet 4600 T-sheet 4577 T-sheet 5538 T-sheet 5539 T-sheet 5540 T-sheet 5442 T-sheet 5541 T-sheet 5542 T-sheet 5543 T-sheet 5544 T-sheet 5545 T-sheet 5547 T-sheet 5546 T-sheet 4454 T-sheet 4453 T-sheet 4452 T-sheet 4431 T-sheet 4430 T-sheet 4371 T-sheet 4389 T-sheet 5862 T-sheet 5863 T-sheet 5866A T-sheet 4576 T-sheet 4600 T-sheet 4577 T-sheet 5538 T-sheet 4459 T-sheet 4460 T-sheet 4461 T-sheet 5441 T-sheet 5539 T-sheet 5439 T-sheet 5546 T-sheet 5545 T-sheet 5544 T-sheet 5547

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