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OFR 2007-1203

Synthesis of Age Data and Chronology for Florida Bay and Biscayne Bay Cores Collected for Ecosystem History of South Florida's Estuaries Projects

Age information
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Appendix 1. Lead-210 Data on Cores and Surficial Samples for Biscayne Bay and Florida Bay: Compilation of 210Pb data for all cores collected and analyzed from Florida Bay and Biscayne Bay, for USGS projects between 1994 and 2003

Biscayne Bay Cores
Core ID: SEI 1196 MB1 Core ID: GLW402 FBA
Core ID: SEI 297 CB1 Core ID: GLW402 NNA
Core ID: SEI 297 FB1 Core ID: GLBW603 BPNA
Core ID: SEI 297 BP1 Core ID: GLBW603 CKA
Core ID: SEI 299 Rick1 Core ID: GLBW603 MKA
Core ID: GLW402 CBA  

Florida Bay Cores
Core ID: FB294 3B (SFWMD 3B) Core ID: FB295 20D
Core ID: FB294 5A (SFWMD 5A) Core ID: FB596 35 (96-05-26-35)
Core ID: FB294 5G (SFWMD 5G) Core ID: FB596 37 (96-05-26-37)
Core ID: FB294 6A (SFWMD 6A) Core ID: FB697 21A
Core ID: FB294 6C (SFWMD 6C) Core ID: FB697 21B
Core ID: FB294 7B (SFWMD 7B) Core ID: FB697 21E
Core ID: FB294 8B (SFWMD 8B) Core ID: FB697 21F
Core ID: FB294 10B (SFWMD 10B) Core ID: FB697 22A
Core ID: FB294 11A (SFWMD 11A) Core ID: FB697 22B
Core ID: FB594 24 Core ID: FB697 22D
Core ID: FB295 12B Core ID: FB697 23A
Core ID: FB295 12D Core ID: FB697 24A
Core ID: FB295 13A Core ID: FB697 24C
Core ID: FB295 14B Core ID: FB697 24D
Core ID: FB295 16B Core ID: FB697 25B
Core ID: FB295 17D Core ID: Little Mad 99-08-17-1
Core ID: FB295 17G Core ID: Russell 00-2-15-1
Core ID: FB295 18C Core ID: Little Mad 00-02-15-5
Core ID: FB295 19B Core ID: GLW601-RL1
Core ID: FB295 19C  

Surficial Samples
Sample Site: Rankin Basin, Florida Bay, Florida
GLW802-Rank B1 GLW802-Rank B4
GLW802-Rank B2 GLW802-Rank B5
GLW802-Rank B3 GLW802-Rank B6

Appendix 2. Age Depth Data for Biscayne Bay Cores

Appendix 3. Age Depth Data for Florida Bay Cores

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