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Appendix B

Graphic Core Classification and Patterns

Classification of Carbonate Rocks According to Depositional Texture (after Dunham, 1962)
Depositional Texture Recognizable
Depositional Texture Not Recognizable

Crystalline Carbonate

(Subdivide according to classifications designed to bear on physical texture or diagenesis.)

Original Components not Bound Together During Deposition
Original Components were bound together during deposition... as shown by intergrown skeletal matter, lamination contrary to gravity or sediment-floored cavities that are roofed over by organic matter and are too large to be interstices.


Contains mud (particles of clay and lime silt size)
Lacks mud and is grain-supported




Less than 10 percent grains


More than 10 percent grains


Patterns Used in Well Logs and Their Corresponding Lithologies
laminated crust pattern
Laminated crust
pelecypods pattern
root structure pattern
Root Structure
gastropods pattern
soilstone clasts pattern
Soilstone clasts
Halimeda pattern
skeletal debris pattern
Skeletal debris
coralline algae pattern
Coralline algae
head corals pattern
Head corals
Homatrema pattern
branching corals pattern
Branching corals
ooids pattern
echinoids pattern
peloids pattern
bryozoan (Schizoporella) pattern
Bryozoan (Schizoporella)
burrows pattern
no recovery pattern
No recovery
oyster (Spondylus) pattern
Oyster (Spondylus)
oyster pattern
calcareous worm tube pattern
Calcareous worm tube
porosity symbol in heading of core description denotes porosity (decimal units)

Graphic Core Descriptions

[click on the Well Log numbers listed below to view the Well Logs]

Well Log 17 Well Log 9
well log example

Example of a well log

Well Log 18 Well Log 10
Well Log 20 Well Log 11
Well Log 2 Well Log 3
Well Log 5 Well Log 13
Well Log 1 Well Log 12
Well Log 23 Well Log 4
Well Log 22 Well Log 14
Well Log 21 Well Log 15
Well Log 7 Well Log 16
Well Log 8  

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