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Geologic Setting
Rock Analysis
Water Chemistry
Ground Water
Future Studies
Tables and Figures

Tables and Figures


Table 1. Monitoring-well locations and other information.

Table 2. Analytical methods used for various parameters analyzed at the USGS Ocala laboratory.

Table 3. Rock component analyses performed at Pennsylvania State University using ICP.

Table 4. Samples analyzed at USGS/WRD laboratory in Ocala, Florida.

Table 5. All ground water samples giving parameter values which could indicate contamination.

Appendix B. Graphic Core Classification and Patterns; and Graphic Core Descriptions

Appendix C. Concentration of dissolved NO2 + NO3, NH4, and dissolved PO4 for all Sampling Rounds


Figure 1. Map of south Florida and Florida Keys showing location of the three major offshore monitoring-well transects.

Figure 2. Images showing a typical underwater drilling operation using a hydraulic drill; drilling operation in nearshore shallow water; a completed well; and a well being purged into a 5-gal plastic bucket on stern of USGS boat Halimeda.

Figure 3. Schematic diagram of well installations.

Figure 4. Printout of tide-induced pressure from well KL-1.

Figure 5. Map of Saddlebunch Keys transect.

Figure 6. Middle Key Largo transect showing two onshore wells and five offshore wells.

Figure 7. North Key Largo transect.

Figure 8. A plot of dissolved chloride versus dissolved solids (salinity) for all ground-water samples.

Figure 9. Plot of dissolved solids against depth for ground-water indicates tendency toward hypersalinity with depth.

Figure 10. Plot of dissolved chloride concentration for ground-water indicates increasing concentration with depth.

Figure 11. Plot of DELTADS, the elevation or depression of dissolved solids for ground-water samples as compared to average sea water, against dissolved solids.

Figure 12. Box plots comparing specific conductivity of well water with that of surface sea water. Also plotted are dissolved solids and chloride.

Figure 13. Box plots showing comparison of nitrogen parameters in well waters with surface sea water.

Figure 14. Box plots for three phosphorous parameters.

Figure 15. Box plots of dissolved and total organic carbon.

Figure 16. Plot of Hydrogen Sulfide against depth.

Figure 17. Plot of Hydrogen Sulfide against Ammonia showing increase in Ammonia with increase in Hydrogen Sulfide.

Figure 18. Ammonia plotted against well depth.

Figure 19. Ammonia+Organic-Nitrogen plotted against well depth.

Figure 20. Plot of Ammonia concentration against the ratio of Ammonia to Organic-Nitrogen concentrations.

Figure 21. Plot of total organic carbon against dissolved organic carbon.

Figure 22. Salinity data, specific conductance, dissolved solids and chloride concentration compared with duplicate samples.

Figure 23. Comparison of ammonia, dissolved ammonia+nitrogen, and total ammonia + organic nitrogen total with duplicates.

Figure 24. Comparison of nitrite + nitrate, dissolved (nitrite + nitrate) in mg/L as N with duplicate.

Figure 25. Comparison of data for orthophosphate, dissolved phosphorous, and total phosphorous with duplicates.

Figure 26. Comparison of dissolved and total organic carbon in mg/L as C with duplicates.

Figure 27. Plot of total organic carbon against particulate organic carbon calculated by subtracting dissolved organic carbon from total organic carbon.

Figure 28. Average concentration of four sampling-round analyses for three major nutrients, shown as bar graphs.

Figure 29. Average concentration of four sampling-round analyses for three nutrients, shown as bar graphs with error bars arranged above simplified geologic cross section showing depth of wells.

Figure 30. Average concentration of four sampling-round analyses for three major nutrients, shown as bar graphs with error bars, arranged above a simplified geologic cross section off north Key Largo.

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