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Are mangroves in the tropical Atlantic ripe for invasion? Exotic mangrove trees in the forests of South Florida


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David T. Jones and the staff at the Kampong of the National Tropical Botanic Garden provided unfettered access to their grounds and helped to document the history of the introduction of B. gymnorrhiza there. Our work would not have been possible without their full cooperation and assistance. We thank Mary Collins for help in obtaining information on non-native mangrove species at FTBG, and a cooperative agreement between FTBG and Miami- Dade County Department of Environmental Resources Management, Environmentally Endangered Lands Program. This study was partially supported by research funds of FTBG allocated to the Plant Molecular Systematics and Conservation Genetics lab jointly operated by FTBG and FIU. The help of K. Balentine, D. Broeksteeg, J. Eells, M. Eygenraam, H. de Groot, F. Scheibler and G. Tiling during field sampling is gratefully acknowledged. This manuscript was improved by the input of four anonymous reviewers. T. J. Smith received financial support from the Terrestrial, Freshwater and Marine Ecosystem Program of the US Geological Survey. This is contribution # 461 of the Southeast Environmental Research Center and contribution # 176 of the Tropical Biology Program at Florida International University. Mention of product and/or trade names does not imply endorsement on the part of the US Government.

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