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Figure 1. Profile of the substrate showing the original-SET, deep-RSET, and shallow-RSET, groundwater well, and relative depth of each benchmark at Shark River mangrove site.

Figure 2. Hydrograph of daily averaged Shark River stage, hourly Shark River stage interval from December 13, 2002, to January 9, 2003, daily averaged groundwater piezometric head pressure, and hourly groundwater piezometric head pressure interval from December 13, 2002, to January 9, 2003 (m).

Figure 3. Graphs showing mean absolute soil surface elevation (±1 SD) for accretion, shallow-RSET, original-SET, and deep-RSET.

Figure 4. Graphs showing mean (±1 SD) rate of change for the three shallow-RSETs and the rate of change in river stage, three original-SETs and rate of change in groundwater piezometric head, and three deep-RSETs and rate of change in groundwater piezometric head.

Figure 5. Graphs showing mean (±1 SD) absolute change in thickness of the entire profile, shallow zone, middle zone, and bottom zone.

Figure 6. Graph of actual soil surface elevation of the original-SET (mm) versus calculated soil surface elevation (mm) (proportion of the deep-RSET).


Table 1. Depth of benchmark (m) for each SET and dates of establishment. Elevations for Group 3 SETs (mm) only with the first elevation on November 2, 2002, and second elevation on February 10, 2005 (NAVD 88 Geido 99).

Table 2. Regression equations and statistical results for daily rate of change (DRC) of surface elevation and DRC of best fit hydrological parameters for the three SET types used in this study.

Table 3. Linear regression equations and statistical results for the absolute change in thickness of entire profile and the absolute change of each of the constituent components. Stepwise regression with p < 0.01 to enter and p < 0.9 to exit model. Overall model R2 = 0.85.


Equation 1. Average daily rate of change in the soil elevation between sampling events

Equation 2. Expansion and contraction for each component of the soil profile

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