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Analysis and Simulation of Propagule Dispersal and Salinity Intrusion from Storm Surge on the Movement of a Marsh-Mangrove Ecotone in South Florida

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Fig. 1 - Study area of mangrove-marsh transition.

Fig. 2 - Simulation of soil porewater salinities averaging mangrove sites and marsh sites, respectively, compared with monthly average with standard error of surface water salinities from Shark 4 and Shark 5, respectively

Fig. 3 - Spatial distributions of individual mangroves and freshwater marsh output from simulation model

Fig. 4 - Model-projected basal areas of mangroves following 30%, 50%, and 80% destruction by hurricane, respectively, at year 80

Fig. 5 - Spatial distribution between freshwater marsh and individual mangrove trees under nine different scenarios


Table 1 Climate data from 2000 to 2010 at the study site; evapotranspiration, groundwater, and surface water


Equation 1 - dynamics of salinity in the rooting zone for capillary rising from the groundwater to the rooting zone

Equation 2 - dynamics of salinity in the rooting zone for percolation downward into the groundwater

Equation 3, Equation 4, Equation 5, Equation 6 - dynamics of salinity in the groundwater

Equation 7 - modified salinity effect for freshwater marsh

Equation 8 - modified salinity effect for mangroves

For more information about the equations contained in this publication, please contact the corresponding author (Jiang Jiang). e-mail address: jjiang@nimbios.org

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