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Characterization of Saltwater Intrusion in South Florida Using Electromagnetic Geophysical Methods

David V. Fitterman and Maria Deszcz-Pan

U.S. Geological Survey, Box 25046 MS 964, Denver, CO, 80225 USA


Hydrology of Study Area
Effect of WQ on Electrical Properties
Electromagnetic Measurement of Electrical Properties
Desc. of Helicopter Electromagnetic Results
Estimating WQ from HEM Data
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Airborne, ground, and borehole electromagnetic measurements have been used to characterize saltwater intrusion in the Everglades and surrounding areas of south Florida. This area is the subject of intensive study as environmental restoration activities are planned and progress. The airborne electromagnetic data are used to develop detailed resistivity models of the subsurface, which show the extent of saltwater intrusion. The influences of natural conditions, as well as human activity, on the patterns of saltwater intrusion are seen with greater clarity in the airborne data than is possible from sampling-well data alone. By combining the widely scattered well information and geophysical logs, a relationship that allows conversion of the resistivity model into estimates of water quality expressed as specific conductance and chloride content is derived. This information is beneficial to the development of a regional ground-water flow model that incorporates solute transport.

Keywords: saltwater intrusion, geophysics, electromagnetics, hydrologic properties, Everglades

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(This paper is from the Proceedings of the 18th Salt Water Intrusion Meeting, 31 May - 3 June, 2004, Cartagena, Spain)

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