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Modeling decadal timescale interactions between surface water and ground water in the central Everglades, Florida, USA

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Figure 1. Location of data collection sites in Water Conservation Area 2A (WCA-2A), central Everglades, south Florida (A). Location of WCA- 2A within the larger Everglades system (B).

Figure 2. Detailed hydrogeologic cross-section along research transect in Water Conservation Area 2A.

Figure 3. Tritium in precipitation for Miami, Florida.

Figure 4. Sensitivity of model to changes in the exchange flux between surface water and the layer of interactive ground water.

Figure 5. Tritium data from the ground-water monitoring wells in Water Conservation Area 2A, south Florida.

Figure 6. Modeled tritium concentration in interactive ground water.

Figure 7. Tritium modeling results compared with well data from Water Conservation Area 2A, South Florida.


Table 1. Parameter estimates used in the base simulation.

Table 2. Sensitivity of tritium concentrations in ground water to factor of 2 changes in the input parameters.

Table 3. Ground-water residence times as estimated from analysis of 3H/3He ratios.


Equation 1. Equation for OTIS model in a stream.

Equation 2. Equation for OTIS model in a storage zone.

Equation 3. Equation for exchange flux.

Equation 4. Equation for recharge or discharge.

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