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Application of a Weighted-Averaging Method for Determining Paleosalinity: A Tool for Restoration of South Florida's Estuaries

G. Lynn Wingard & Joel W. Hudley

G. L. Wingard (*)
U.S. Geological Survey, MS 926A National Center,
Reston, VA 20192, USA
e-mail: lwingard@usgs.gov

J. W. Hudley
Department of Geological Sciences, University of North Carolina,
Chapel Hill, NC 27599, USA

Received: 8 February 2011 / Revised: 10 June 2011 / Accepted: 29 August 2011
Published online: 13 September 2011

Estuaries and Coasts Volume 35, Number 1, 262-280, DOI 10.1007/s12237-011-9441-3. © Coastal and Estuarine Research Federation (outside the USA) 2011. Posted here with permission from Springer. PDF of entire article is available from SpringerLink. Electronic supplementary material The online version of this article (doi:10.1007/s12237-011-9441-3) contains supplementary material, which is available to authorized users. [journal subscription required]


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A molluscan analogue dataset is presented in conjunction with a weighted-averaging technique as a tool for estimating past salinity patterns in south Florida's estuaries and developing targets for restoration based on these reconstructions. The method, here referred to as cumulative weighted percent (CWP), was tested using modern surficial samples collected in Florida Bay from sites located near fixed water monitoring stations that record salinity. The results were calibrated using species weighting factors derived from examining species occurrence patterns. A comparison of the resulting calibrated species-weighted CWP (SW-CWP) to the observed salinity at the water monitoring stations averaged over a 3-year time period indicates, on average, the SW-CWP comes within less than two salinity units of estimating the observed salinity. The SW-CWP reconstructions were conducted on a core from near the mouth of Taylor Slough to illustrate the application of the method.

Keywords South Florida restoration . Salinity reconstructions . Mollusks . Weighted averaging . Florida Bay . Everglades National Park

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