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Figure 1. Location of field sampling sites along the southern and southwestern coasts of Florida, including Rookery Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve, Ten Thousand Islands National Wildlife Refuge, and Everglades National Park (after Doyle et al. 1995).

Figure 2. Distribution of fine and coarse woody debris by site and region (±1 SE) from South Florida mangrove wetlands.

Figure 3. Relationship between woody debris volume (m3/ha) and forest height for two ranges of HURASIM model-projected Hurricane Andrew windspeeds (a: >220 km/h; b: 200–205 km/h) from South Florida mangrove wetlands.


Table 1. Mean total woody debris volume, mean forest canopy height, and mean percentage forest cover at 1 m above the ground by region, site, and location relative to the path of Hurricane Andrew (1992) for South Florida mangrove forests.

Table 2. Mean volume of woody debris (±1 SE) in South Florida mangrove forests.

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