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Water Resources of SE Florida
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Water Resources of Southeastern Florida - Plates

by Garald G. Parker, G.E. Ferguson, S.K. Love, and others

United State Department of the Interior
Geological Survey Water-Supply Paper 1255
United States Government Printing Office, Washington, 1955

Prepared in cooperation with the Florida Geological Survey, Dade County, cities of Miami and Miami Beach, and other agencies [South Florida Water Management District]

Special thanks go to Steve Krupa for initiating this effort and to Henry Newmon for scanning in the plates. Steve and Henry are with the South Florida Water Management District.

A note about printing these files:

- For high resolution printers and plotters, 400 dpi resolution files are also available for download. These files have been provided as ZIP files, and will need to be unzipped.

Plate 1. Map of southern Florida, showing locations of meteorological and stream-gaging stations.
plate 1 - map of southern florida showing locations of meterological and stream-gaging stations
[larger image]
[download plate 1 400 dpi (0.48 MB)]

Plate 2. Maps of southern Florida, showing annual rainfall, 1932-46, in percent of normal.
plate 2 - maps of southern florida showing annual rainfall
[larger image]
[download plate 2 400 dpi (0.47 MB)]

Plate 3. Graph, showing climatological data for southeastern Florida.
plate 3 - graph of climatological data for southeastern florida
[larger image]
[download plate 3 400 dpi (0.19 MB)]

Plate 4. Geologic map of southern Florida.
plate 4 - geologic map of southern florida
[larger image]
[download plate 4 400 dpi (0.68 MB)]

Plate 5. Index map (for plates below), showing location of geologic cross sections A -- --A', B -- B', C -- C', D -- D', E -- E', F -- F', G -- G', H -- G', I -- I', and J -- J', Dade County.
plate 5 - index map
[larger image]
[download plate 5 400 dpi (0.17 MB)]

Plate 6. Geologic cross section A -- A', Dade County.
plate 6 - geologic cross section A--A
[larger image]
[download plate 6 400 dpi (0.13 MB)]

Plate 7. Geologic cross section B -- B', Dade County.
plate 7 - geologic cross section B--B
[larger image]
[download plate 7 400 dpi (0.10 MB)]

Plate 8. Geologic cross section C -- C', D -- --D', E -- E', G -- G', H -- G', and I -- I', Dade County.
plate 8 - geologic cross section C--C through I--I
[larger image]
[download plate 8 400 dpi (0.23 MB)]

Plate 9. Geologic cross section F -- F' and J -- J', Dade County.
plate 9 - geologic cross section F--F and J--J
[larger image]
[download plate 9 400 dpi (0.14 MB)]

Plate 10. Hypsometric map of southern Florida.
plate 10 - hypsometric map of southern florida
[larger image]
[download plate 10 400 dpi (1.34 MB)]

Plate 11. Map of southeastern Florida showing directions of surficial drainage and trends of bar-and-swale topography.
plate 11 - map of southeastern florida showing drainage and topography
[larger image]
[download plate 11 400 dpi (0.33 MB)]

Plate 12. Topographic-ecologic map of southern Florida.
plate 12 - topographic map of southern florida
[larger image]
[download plate 12 400 dpi (0.30 MB)]

Plate 13. Map, showing the Sliver Bluff Pleistocene shoreline and marine terrace, Dade County.
plate 13 - map of shoreline and marine terrace, dade county
[larger image]
[download plate 13 400 dpi (0.14 MB)]

Plate 14. Map of Everglades and Atlantic Coastal Ridge, showing canals and their levels and discharges in a drought period, March 30 to April 2, 1943.
plate 14 - map of everglades and atlantic coastal region
[larger image]
[download plate 14 400 dpi (0.17 MB)]

Plate 15. Map of area west of Hialeah, showing discharges and water levels in a wet period, June 29 to July 1, 1942.
plate 15 - map of area west of hialeah showing discharges and water levels in a wet period
[larger image]
[download plate 15 400 dpi (0.21 MB)]

Plate 16. Map of area west of Hialeah, showing discharges and water levels in a dry period, April 24 -- 26, 1946.
plate 16 - map of area west of hialeah, showing discharges and water levels in a dry period
[larger image]
[download plate 16 400 dpi (0.19 MB)]

Plate 17. Map of Miami area, Florida showing isochlors for ground water in well at depths of 40 -- 60 feet and 80 -- 130 feet, January 1947.
plate 17 - map of miami area showing isochlors for groundwater in well at depths of 40, 60 and 80 to 130 feet
[larger image]
[download plate 17 400 dpi (0.21 MB)]

Plate 18. Chart, showing comparison of driller's logs and chloride logs with resistivity interpretations, Fort Lauderdale.
plate 18 - chart showing comparisions of drillers logs and chloride logs from ft. lauderdale
[larger image]
[download plate 18 400 dpi (0.10 MB)]

Plate 19. Well index map of southern Florida.
plate 19 - well index map of southern florida
[larger image]
[download plate 19 400 dpi (0.10 MB)]

Plate 20. Well index map of southeastern Broward County.
plate 20 - well index map of southereastern broward county
[larger image]
[download plate 20 400 dpi (0.14 MB)]

Plate 21. Well index map of Miami metropolitian area.
plate 21 - well index map of miami metro area
[larger image]
[download plate 21 400 dpi (0.11 MB)]

Plate 22. Well index map of Miami well field area.
plate 22 - well index map of miami well field area
[larger image]
[download plate 22 400 dpi (0.16 MB)]

Plate 23. Well index map of eastern Dade County.
plate 23 - well index map of eastern dade county
[larger image]
[download plate 23 400 dpi (0.16 MB)]

Plate 24. Well index map of southeastern Palm Beach County.
plate 24 - well index map of southeastern palm beach county
[larger image]
[download plate 24 400 dpi (0.11 MB)]

This web page only contains the plates from Water Supply Paper 1255. Unfortunately, this paper is out of print, and copies of this paper cannot be ordered from the United States Government Printing Office. Your local library might have a copy of this paper on file, available as microfiche.

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