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We would like to thank the BCNP staff for permitting our work, but also for their advice and assistance which was instrumental to the success our work. We especially appreciate the help of Ron and Christine Clarke, Bob Sobzack, Deb Jansen, Peg Kohl, and Bill Evans. We would also like to thank Jim Snyder, Brian Jefferies, and Hardin Waddle with the USGS in BCNP for assistance with transportation to remote sections of the preserve and for their valuable advice. We gratefully acknowledge the support of Dr. G. Ronnie Best, Coordinator of the Greater Everglades Priority Ecosystems Science Program, and Matt Patterson, Coordinator of the NPS Southeast I&M Program, in funding this project. We thank Nancy Russell at ENP for her help with documentation of voucher specimens. Michael Deacon of USGS improved the report with his editorial review.

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