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Appendix 1: Species Distribution Maps, BCNP Fish I & M Project, 2002-2004

This appendix contains maps showing locations where individuals of each species were recorded during the 2002-2004 sampling work. Since some sampling methods may have missed individuals of certain species, absence from a sample at a given location does not guarantee absence from that location. The map below shows a complete list of BCNP sampling sites. Additional maps are presented alphabetically by species name. [Click on the species name listed below to view the map for that species].

map of Big Cypress National Preserve fish Inventory and Monitoring sampling locations
BCNP fish I & M sampling locations, by habitat type (Figure 4 from text). [larger image]

Common Name
American Eel   Frillfinned Goby   Redfin Needlefish
American Gizzard Shad Golden Shiner Redfin Pickerel
Atlantic Needlefish Golden Topminnow Sailfin Molly
Black Acara Gray Snapper Seminole Killifish
Black Crappie Gulf Killifish Sharksucker
Blue Tilapia Hardhead Catfish Sheepshead
Bluefin Killifish Hogchoker Sheepshead Minnow
Bluegill Inland Silverside Snook
Bluespotted Sunfish Jewel Cichlid Spotted Sunfish
Bowfin Ladyfish Spotted Tilapia
Brook Silverside Lake Chubsucker Striped Mojarra
Brown Bullhead Largemouth Bass Striped Mullet
Brown Hoplo Least Killifish Swamp Darter
Clown Goby Marsh Killifish Tadpole Madtom
Coastal Shiner Mayan Cichlid Taillight Shiner
Crested Goby Oscar Tarpon
Crevalle Jack Pike Killifish Tidewater Mojarra
Dollar Sunfish Pinfish Timucu
Eastern Mosquitofish Rainwater Killifish Walking Catfish
Everglades Pygmy Sunfish Red Drum Warmouth
Flagfish Redear Yellow Bullhead
Florida Gar    

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