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MGS-Gleason 1980

Water, Oil, and the Geology of Collier, Lee and Hendry Counties

Edited and Compiled By

Patrick J. Gleason

Compiled reports include the following:

Road Log.

Role of humic substances in transportation and deposition of calcium by Sam Upchurch and Richard Strom.

The natural features and prehistory of Marco Island, Florida by John Beriault.

Application of electrical resistivity methods to groundwater resource investigations in coastal Collier County, Fl by Mark Stewart and Theodore Lizanec.

Some aspects of the hydrogeology of coastal Collier County by Paul Jakob.

New information on Pliocene reef limestones and associated facies in Collier and Lee counties by John Meeder.

Water resource evaluation of western Collier County - 1980 update by Sandy Nettles.

The stratigraphy of the Tamiami Formation, Southwestern Florida by Susan Klinzing.

Possible restrictions and redefinition of the Tamiami Formation of south Florida: Points for further discussion by Muriel Hunter and Sherwood Wise.

How long will the water last? - Water chronicles for the southwest coast by Stan Winn.

The hydrogeology of the Hawthorn and Suwannee aquifer systems, Sanibel Island, Florida by Tom Missimer.

Barrier Island sedimentation: Sanibel Island, Florida by Tom Missimer.

The shallow water fauna of Sanibel and its relationship to upper Cenozoic fossils in South Florida by Donald Moore.

Hydrologic monitoring for 4,200 acre land treatment site by Louis Motz and William Bocskocsky.

Using geologic search techniques to locate a major groundwater resource near La Belle, Florida by Tom Tessier.

The Sunniland trend of South Florida by F.A. Pontigo, Jr.

Oil production in South Florida by George Winston.

Oil field map.

(The entire report is available below.)

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