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Last updated: January 15, 2013
South Florida Restoration Science Forum

Resource/Management Exhibits

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    "Measuring Ecosystem Restoration Success through Coral Reef Management and Monitoring in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary"
    • Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary: Ms. Joanne Delaney and Mr. Ben Haskell

    "EPA's Coral Reef Monitoring Project for The Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary"

    • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency: Mr. Fred McManus

    "Big Cypress National Preserve: Managing the Co-Existence of Multiple Use and Preservation"

    • Big Cypress National Preserve: Susan Kaynor

    "Biscayne National Park"

    • Biscayne National Park: Juan Rodriguez

    "Everglades National Park"

    • Everglades National Park: Roberta D'Amico

    "Dry Tortugas National Park"

    • Everglades National Park: Roberta D'Amico

    "Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge"

    • U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service: Ms. Serena Rinker

    "National Key Deer Refuge"

    • U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

    "Florida Panther National Wildlife Refuge"

    • U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

    "J.N. Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge"

    • U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

    "Hobe Sound National Wildlife Refuge"

    • U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

    "Science to Management at Rookery Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve"

    • Florida Department of Environmental Protection: Dr. Todd Hopkins

    "The Application of Science to Water Management on The Big Cypress Seminole Reservation"

    • Seminole Tribe of Indians: Dr. Bill Dunson and Ms. Rhonda Roff


    "South Florida Multi-species Recovery Plan; Endangered Species: The Road to Recovery; and Refuges, Research, and Restoration"
    • U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Ecological Services: Trish Adams and Dawn Jennings

    "Ecosystem Management at Work in South Florida"

      Presented by Florida Department of Environmental Protection:
      • Ms. Gail Sloane and
      • Ms. Karen Ventimglia
      Other Florida Department of Environmental Protection Contributors:
      • Ernie Barnett, Office of Ecosystem Management
      • Dianne Crigger, Southeast District
      • Bruce Boler, South District
      • Donna Tterlikkis, Division of Water Facilities
      • Tom Singleton, Division of Water Facilities
      • Ann Marie Tavares , Office of Environmental Education
      • Teri Valente, Office of Environmental Education and
      • Debora Hall, Division of Law Enforcement

    "Comprehensive Review Study (Restudy) of The Central and Southern Florida Project"

    • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Dr. Hanley "Bo" Smith

    "Sustainable Urban Development in Southeast Florida"

    • South Florida Regional Planning Council, Ping Chang
    • Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council, Joan Barlow

    "Water Quality Protection in South Florida"

    • South Florida Water Management District / U.S. Environmental Protection Agency: Ms. Melissa Meeker

    "National Water Quality Assessment (NAWQA) Program"

    • U.S. Geological Survey: David McCulloch, Annette Seidenfeld, and Ben McPherson

    "Southern Everglades Restoration Alliance: The Science - Management Connection"

    • Southern Everglades Restoration Alliance, Lewis Hornung


    "Integrated Pest Management as an Alternative to Methyl Bromide"
    • U.S. Department of Agriculture, Agriculture Research Service: Dr. E.N. Rosskopf and Dr. N.K. Burelle

    "Agricultural Best Management Practices - BMPs: From Concepts to Effective Reality Through Science"

      Presenters from the University of Florida:
      • Dr. Forrest T. Izuno, Agricultural and Biological Engineering, UF
      • Dr. Ronald W. Rice, Horticultural Sciences, UF
      • Dr. Timothy A. Lang, Project Environmental Agronomist, UF
      • Ms. Laurene Capone, Project Manager and Biologist, UF
      Display contributors:
      • Dr. James D. Stuck, Project Engineer
      • Mr. Raymond M. Garcia, Project Engineer
      • Dr. Del Bottcher, Project Consulting Engineer
      • Display funded by:
      • The Everglades Agricultural Area Environmental Protection District
      • The Florida Department of Environmental Protection

    "Healing the Everglades - Research and Management Working Together Using Advanced Treatment Technologies"

    • South Florida Water Management District: Dr. Susan Gray, Kathy Pietro, and Lori Wenkert

    "The Everglades Construction Project"

    • South Florida Water Management District: Maria Bennett and Alejandro Perez

    "Effect of Managing Water Levels and Flows in the Northern Everglades on Ground-Water Interaction and Movement of Contaminants"

    • U.S. Geological Survey: Dr. Judson Harvey and Dr. Jungyill Choi

    "Krupaseep - The Next Generation Seepage Meter"

    • South Florida Water Management District: Steven L. Krupa and Cynthia Gefvert


    "Memorial for Scientists Who Died Tragically While Performing Field Investigations"

    Guy, Johnathan, Craig, Scott, Cristina, and Steve were tragically taken from from their families and from us. Their dedication to science and to contributing to the restoration of the south Florida ecosystem was exemplary. We along with the many that will follow us, owe Craig, Scott, Cristina, Steve, and their families our eternal gratitude. Please read their memorials and honor each of them with a moment of silence.

    The picture on each memorial is an artwork from renowned nature photographer Claudine Laabs. Ms. Laabs dedicated the photographs in their honor.

    • U.S. Geological Survey: Bob Mooney
    • South Florida Water Management District: Trudy Morris

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