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January 15, 2013

South Florida Restoration Science Forum
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Initiated May 1999

Welcome to the website for the 1999 South Florida Restoration Science Forum website. Those who participated in the Forum Kick Off at the Embassy Suites Boca Raton on May 17 -19, 1999 saw displays showing the links between science and management decisions, discussed how to strengthen those links, and interacted with the scientists doing the work. This web site houses that information plus new information that is continually be added to the site. Please use the links below and to the left to view information from this conference.

Directory of presenters and participants

Science-based investigations of resource management issues:

photo of a water faucetHow are we going to adequately meet the increasing and competitive needs for water by the natural, urban, and agricultural areas?
> Go to Hydrology
Our Coastal Ecosystem
photo of mangroves near an inletHow do we ensure the delivery of the right amount of fresh water - at the right time and of good quality - to sustain and enhance coastal waters?
> Go to Coastal Ecosystem
Landscape Synthesis and Ecological Modeling
photo of a path through a forestHow can we best describe, understand, and predict ecological changes at the landscape and regional levels?
> Go to Landscape Synthesis and Ecological Modeling
Historical Settings
historical photo showing surveyorsHow do environmental histories of the Everglades help future management?
> Go to Historical Settings
Wildlife and Wetland Ecology
photo of pelicans sitting on a dockHow do scientific studies enable managers to ensure the preservation and sustainability of wetlands and wildlife?
> Go to Wildlife and Wetland Ecology
Invasive Exotic Species
photo of a melaleuca sawflyWhat are they? Where do they come from? Where are they now? Where are they going? What can be done about them?
> Go to Invasive Exotic Species
photo of a vegetation in soilWhat nutrient levels and loads need to be achieved in order to preserve the integrity of the ecosystem?
> Go to Nutrients
photo of two scientists working in the fieldIs Mercury the Achilles Heel of the restoration effort?
> Go to Mercury

Related Information: ACME - Aquatic Cycling of Mercury in the Everglades (ACME) and the Southern Inland and Coastal System (SICS) Projects
Sustainable Agriculture
photo of a tractor in a farm fieldHow can productive and profitable agriculture support restoration goals?
> Go to Sustainable Agriculture
Presentations, Discussions and Exhibits
> Presentations and Discussions

> Exhibits

Recent Additions:
Related Publications

screen shot of webpage for article: restoring south florida's future
Article: Restoring South Florida's Future
While the Kissimmee - Okeechobee - Everglades watershed is slowly dying and booming south Florida is running out of water, there is no shortage of controversy about how to address key environmental challenges to the region's future.


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