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Restoring South Florida's Future
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Restoring South Florida's Future
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Is the massive $8 billion replumbing system a water supply and flood control project or a restoration initiative to save and preserve the Everglades? Should its consensus approach among dozens of federal, state, tribal, and local stakeholders be replaced with a top-down command and control management structure? While the Kissimmee - Okeechobee - Everglades watershed is slowly dying and booming south Florida is running out of water, there is no shortage of controversy about how to address those key environmental challenges to the region's future. Susan Jewell of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service revisits this once and future wetland wilderness and explains the Greatest Restoration Show on Earth. photo collage of a puming station, melaleuca tree, gator, panther, and park ranger

Top row: pumping station, melaleuca tree; center: gator;
bottom row: ENP ranger, panther.


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