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Last updated: January 15, 2013
South Florida Restoration Science Forum


How can the effects of increased phosphorus loading be determined at the landscape level for Everglades structure and functions?

Part 2: Introduction to the Flume Project

Locations of Shark River Slough and Loxahatchee NWR experimental flumes

Florida The area in the red box is shown in more detail below.

arrow indicating direction of North
map of south Florida
1 Loxahatchee NWR flume
2 Everglades Nat. Park (Shark River Slough) flumes

(Click on the map to the left for a full-sized version.)

aerial photo of flume
Aerial photo of one of four replicate flumes. Each flume consists of four channels. Each channel is 100 m long and 3 m wide. (Click on image for full-sized version.)

Plan of 4-channel flume design:
(Click on image below for full-sized version.)

channels 3m X 100m; 1 control channel and 3 treatment channels (+ 0.15 µM P, + 0.5 µM P, + 1.0 µM P)

illustration of flume design

rolling channel walls keep water columns isolated; aluminum soil flange keeps soils and macrophyte roots isolated

illustration of 4-channel flume design

Note to all: Distances as reported for all data are based on where a given plot or quadrat meets the boardwalk enumerations at its DOWNSTREAM point. (Click on image below on the left for a full-sized version of this graphic.)
key to flume design illustration (at right)
illustration of flume design

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