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Across Trophic Level System Simulation (ATLSS)

Across Trophic Level System Simulation (ATLSS) - Landscape/Vegetation

Characterizing Past and Present Mangrove Shorelines to Aid Conservation of the Smalltooth Sawfish, Pristis pectinata, Along the Southwest Coast of Florida

Collection of Information on the Old World Climbing Fern for Use in a Model for Control of this Invading Vine

Development and Stability of Everglades Tree Islands, Ridge and Slough, and Marl Prairies

Dynamics of Land Margin Ecosystems: Historical Change, Hydrology, Vegetation, Sediment, and Climate

Ecological Models for Evaluating Effects of Restoration Alternatives on Coastal Ecosystems of Southwest Florida

Ecosystem History of Biscayne Bay and the Southeast Coast

Ecosystem History of the Southwest Coast-Shark River Slough Outflow Area

Ecosystem History: Florida Bay and the Southwest Coast

Ecosystem History: Terrestrial and Freshwater Ecosystems of Southern Florida

Effects of Water Hardness on Slough-Wet Prairie Plant Communities of the A.R.M. Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge

Everglades Wetland Restoration Studies, with a focus on Southwest Florida

Fire, Hydrology and Soils along the Mangrove Ecotone within the Greater Everglades Ecosystem

Flow Velocity and Water Level Transects

Geology and Ecological History of the 'Buttonwood Ridge' Region

Greater Everglades Landscape Dynamics

Historical Changes in Salinity, Water Quality, and Vegetation in Biscayne Bay

Hydrologic Variation and Ecological Processes in the Mangrove Forests of South Florida: Response to Restoration

Impacts of Hydrologic and Climatic Change on Greater Everglades Marl Prairies, Marshes, and Sloughs

Impacts of Hydrological Restoration on Three Estuarine Communities of the Southwest Florida Coast and on Associated Animal Inhabitants

Interrelation of Everglades Hydrology and Florida Bay Dynamics to Ecosystem Processes and Restoration in South Florida

Long-Term Aquatic Biota Database Analysis

Modeling Hydrologic Flow and Vegetation Response across the Tamiami Trail and Coastal Watershed of Ten Thousand Islands NWR

Monitoring Sub-Aquatic Vegetation through Remote Sensing: A Pilot Study in Florida Bay

Sediment Elevation and Accumulation in Response to Hydrology, Vegetation and Disturbance in the southwest Coastal Everglades

South Florida Ecosystem History

South Florida Seagrass Fish and Invertebrate Assessment Network

Spatial and temporal patterns and ecological effects of canal-water intrusion into the A.R.M. Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge

Tides and Inflows in the Mangrove Ecotone (TIME) Model Development (Vegetative Resistance to Flow)

Understanding and Predicting Global Climate Change Impacts on the Vegetation and Fauna of Mangrove Forested Wetlands in Florida

Vegetation Dynamics in Land-Margin Ecosystems: The Mangroves of South Florida

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