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Water Quality

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Analysis of Historical Water-Quality Data

Application of Stable Isotope Techniques to Identifying Foodweb Structure, Contaminant Sources, and Biogeochemical Reactions in the Everglades

Aquatic Cycling of Mercury in the Everglades

Assessment of Emerging Pollutants of Concern (EPOCs) in Wastewater Influent and Effluent and Receiving Waters of South Florida

Bacterial Demethylation of Methylmercury in the South Florida Ecosystem

Chronology and Isotope Geochemistry of Ground Waters in the Florida Keys and Offshore Areas

Coastal Gradients of Flow, Salinity and Nutrients

Compilation, Integration, and Synthesis of Water Quality and Flow Data for Assessing Nutrient Flux to South Florida Coastal Ecosystems

Contaminants Synthesis

Determination of Nutrient Loads to East Coast Canals

Ecological Models for Evaluating Effects of Restoration Alternatives on Coastal Ecosystems of Southwest Florida

Effect of Water Flow on Transport of Solutes, Suspended Particles, and Particle-Associated Nutrients in the Everglades Ridge and Slough Landscape

Effects of Water Hardness on Slough-Wet Prairie Plant Communities of the A.R.M. Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge

Geochemical Monitoring of Restoration Progress

Geochemical Parameters to Evaluate Aquifer Storage and Recovery Reactions with Native Water and Aquifer Materials

Geochemical Processes in Organic-Rich Sediments of South Florida-Mercury and Metals

Geochemistry of Wetland Sediments from South Florida

Greater Everglades Hydrology: Integrating EDEN with Real-Time Hydrology and Biological Responses

Ground Water Characterization in Marine Areas of Biscayne National Park

Historical Changes in Salinity, Water Quality, and Vegetation in Biscayne Bay

Hydrologic Monitoring in Joe Bay

Interactions of Mercury with Dissolved Organic Carbon in the Everglades

Lake Okeechobee Watershed Project

Linking Land, Air and Water Management in the Southern Everglades and Coastal Zone to Water Quality and Ecosystem Restoration

Linking Land, Air and Water Management in the Southern Everglades and Coastal Zone to Water Quality and Ecosystem Restoration: Task 1, Mercury Cycling, Fate and Bioaccumulation

Linking Land, Air and Water Management in the Southern Everglades and Coastal Zone to Water Quality and Ecosystem Restoration: Task 2, Sulfur and Nutrient Contamination, Biogeochemical Cycling, and Effects

Phase Two Sub-Basin-Scale Monitoring Network for Construction, Instrumentation, and Ten-Year Operation of Seventeen Water Quality and Streamflow Monitoring Stations for Lake Okeechobee Watershed Project

Preliminary Characterization of the Microbial Ecology of the Upper Florida Aquifer and Literature Review of the Microbe-Induced Changes in Metal Mobility and Toxicity during Aquifer Storage and Recovery Testing

Remote Sensing of Water Turbidity and Sedimentation in Florida Bay and Biscayne Bay

Salinity Patterns in Florida Bay: A Synthesis

Sediment Properties and Transport Processes in Florida Bay

Sedimentation, Sea-Level Rise and Circulation in Florida Bay

Southern Florida National Water-Quality Assessment (NAWQA) Program

Southwest Florida National Wildlife Refuges - Greater Everglades Baseline Information and Response to CERP

Spatial and temporal patterns and ecological effects of canal-water intrusion into the A.R.M. Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge

Synthesis by the Aquatic Cycling of Mercury in the Everglades

Synthesis of Sediment Production, Transport, and Accumulation

Water Flows and Nutrient Fluxes to the Southwest Coast of Everglades National Park, Florida

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