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Biscayne Bay

(This photo is a 360-degree IPIX interactive image, which allows you to navigate with your mouse: up, down, right and left, in order to see the entire surrounding landscape.)

Navigate around this 360° view of Biscayne Bay. Behind the rocky man-made Spoiled Island lies the mainland, while clouds reflected in the waters break up the bay-side horizon.

When the photo is first loaded you are standing in the waters of Biscayne Bay looking at a rocky man-made Spoiled Island, which is sparsely vegetated. Navigating to the right, beyond the rocky shoreline of the island, the northern mainland can be seen. Large white clouds populate the sky.

As you continue to the right, the calm Bay waters fade into the horizon and another Spoiled Island comes to view in the distance. A bit further right the southern mainland can be seen, along with clouds reflected in the Bay waters.

Just before you complete the full 360-degree turn, the southern, rocky shoreline of the Spoiled Island comes to view.

Navigating up with your mouse, you can see the blue, partly cloudy sky. Navigating down, you see the South Florida Information Access (SOFIA) web site logo, which is linked to the SOFIA main page (http://sofia.usgs.gov).

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