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Mahogany Hammock Boardwalk - Everglades National Park

(This photo is a 360-degree IPIX interactive image, which allows you to navigate with your mouse: up, down, right and left, in order to see the entire surrounding landscape.)

Navigate around this 360° view along the Mahogany Hammock boardwalk through a tropical mahogany jungle. This hammock community exists because it grows atop an elevated mound of limestone and has been bypassed by fires. Pine forests grow where frequent fires have kept back the growth of hardwood trees.

When the photo is first loaded you are looking down a slightly curved section of an elevated wooden boardwalk, bordered by a forested area. A tree trunk curves from the right, up and over the boardwalk.

As you navigate through the 360-degree turn, you are surrounded by forested areas with a thick, green understory.

Navigating up with your mouse, you can see the sunlight shining through the forest canopy. Navigating down, you see the South Florida Information Access (SOFIA) web site logo, which is linked to the SOFIA main page (http://sofia.usgs.gov).

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