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Many unique animals including birds, reptiles and amphibians, mammals, insects and other critters make their home in South Florida. Pick the group of animals you are interested in below, and follow the links to learn more about these incredible critters!

Bodacious Birds

Birds are vertebrates (they have a backbone). There are many different kinds of birds such as water birds, land birds and birds of prey. All birds have feathers, wings, a beak and lay eggs. Some birds build nests to lay their eggs in. Nests can be on the ground, high in the trees, or in a plant hanging from your porch! Birds eat different things (insects, berries, seeds, fish) - that is why there are different beaks.

Happening Herps

"Herp" is a collective name given to reptiles and amphibians. Most reptiles have claws on their feet, dry skin covered with scales, and lay shelled eggs on land. Most amphibians have clawless feet, moist, smooth skin, and many lay soft shell-less eggs in water.

Marvelous Mammals

Mammals are vertebrates (they have a backbone). Mammals nurse their young by feeding them milk, most have hair or fur, and almost all have teeth.

Other Cool Critters

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