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Lake Okeechobee
Jonathan Dickinson SP
Blowing Rocks
Fern Forest
Controlling the Waters
West Lake/Anne Kolb
Alligator Alley
Big Cypress
Corkscrew Swamp
Biscayne NP
Everglades NP
Florida Bay/Keys
10,000 Islands/Rookery Bay

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Looking for your photo from the USGS Open House?

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Did you get your picture taken for a South Florida Postcard at the USGS Open House on October 10th? If so, read on...

We'll be posting these images hopefully in the near future, instead of right away as promised. Why? We need to check with your teachers and make sure it's ok that we put the pictures up on the web. But don't worry! We've sent your teacher a color copy of the postcard, and you can make copies of it at school. We also sent copies of the coloring sheets, so you can make copies of those too if you'd like. We will be posting some of the postcards here on the site, so please do check back and see if your picture is part of our tour!

Thanks for coming to our USGS Open House - we really enjoyed meeting all of you!

- Heather, Kathy, and Tracy

photo of shorecrest preparatory
Shorecrest Preparatory (Click on photo for larger version.)

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